Saturday, December 1, 2012


After a three year absence, I jumped at the chance to buy tickets to see The Killers at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, just north of Denver.  In support of their new album Battle Born, The Killers went on a world tour. It began on October 26th in Glasgow, UK and the North American portion kicked off here in Broomfield, on November 29th.  Touring with them on the U.S. leg of the tour are Tegan and Sara, two women from Canada with their band.  They kicked off the show with a good performance, good enough that I'm planning on listening to some of their music which stretches back into the 1990's.
 Drove up with the wife, had dinner in a bland Mexican restaurant in Broomfield and then took or place in line outside the 1st Bank Center.  After the doors opened, I found my way onto the floor, getting as close to the stage as possible.

No sleeping in the woods tonight!

The Killers charged out of the gate with "Flesh and Bone," a thunderous new cut from Battle Born, their fourth studio album. It showcased Flowers' vocals -- my god, the man can sing a note with the best of 'em -- while also proving just exactly why they're still here ten years on: sheer talent, determination and the romance of Springsteen-esque lyricism.

As the first show on the Killers' US 2012 tour since going overseas for about two months, it was clear Flowers and company were glad to be back. Flowers smiled like he meant it -- genuinely. The guy was all pearly whites the entire show. You really could tell he wanted to be there on that stage playing 1STBANK Center, and as long as he continued to give 110 percent, his audience wanted him to be there, too.

Flowers didn't even have to particularly try. The overly grandiose lyrics would have been too much of a mouthful for anyone else -- particularly "Little birdie whispered in my ear/You've been cooking up a world of fear" in "From Here On Out" -- but for Flowers, it was clear he was right at home in repeated themes of hometown pride, victory, relationships and more hometown pride, with words too complicated for the average new age rocker.

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