Friday, July 8, 2016


Oh man, it's been a while!~  I have been collecting tons of new music, but not having the time to do anything with it other than enjoy it myself in late night "virtual" converts outside the house with a cigar and bottle of tequila!  I should make an effort to post the best of the best from this last year, and there would be plenty to choose from in terms of the performance and quality.  This next one falls into that category.

Flew into LA to see Van Halen perform on the last night of their 2015 tour.  A killer show!  I paid big bucks for an up front seat and it was worth every penny!  They were hot that night and David Lee Roth was in top form, enjoying every minute he had on stage, especially knowing after this night it would all be over with no guarantee of another tour.

The YouTube videos say it all.  The audio is the same quality as what's provided in the link below.  Enjoy!

Download the audio for the whole show here:

Thursday, July 30, 2015


July 13, 2015: another fabulous show at the Larimer Lounge! When I arrived The Garden’s van was parked out front with its California plates. The first of two warm up bands was playing inside. The twins, Wyatt and Fletcher frequently attended the merch table all night long, giving me an opportunity to talk to them in an effort to peer into their different world as a band that has been touring the US and Europe. They fooled me at first because they swapped hair colors! I related to them my experience this past year and how our paths crossed by chance in LA and the promise that we will meet at future shows. They were recently in Paris doing a modeling gig. What do you like better, being in a band or modeling? The band, hands down is more fun. Are they going to be at the Beach Goth festival in October? No, they will be touring in Europe again at that time. How are they being received in Europe? They seem to be accepted by European audiences, although the crowds in some of the smaller venues have difficulty figuring them out. What do your parents think of their sons careers? Their dad is totally supportive, while their mom is accepting of their modeling gigs but has been struggling to accept the band thing and all the touring. How do they schedule these shows? They have a band manager that sets it up for them, never having heard of the Larimer Lounge before this night. I told them that was a great choice for their introduction to Colorado. Where to next? Back to CA, the two of them and their driver taking turns on the ride home. How’s it working out overall? They are doing well, making enough money to be comfortable on the tour (they were staying in a hotel over night and then drive straight back to LA). That’s how it went all night, trying to avoid pestering them. I wish I had brought cash to buy and have them autograph their vinyl album.

When the bass guitar and drums get going the energy fills the air and it’s hard not to move to the beat, as many in the audience found out. They are also entertaining to watch with their moves and facial expressions. Like Broncho, their songs are so fast paced that they burn through their set of 10 or more songs for the evening in 35 minutes. They packed up and were back on the road sometime after midnight, waving them off and thanking them one last time.  I’m hoping there will be another opportunity to see them perform in the not too distant future.

MTV Hive writes:

The Garden is a neo-punk duo from Orange, Calif. that features identical twin brothers Fletcher and Wyatt Shears. They write songs that are fifteen seconds long, they wear women’s clothing, they speak in a secret lingo, and fashion powerhouse Saint Laurent Paris paid big bucks to fly them out to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week even though neither of them had ever modeled before.

 “We walk quickly. We dress quickly. We work quickly. We record quickly,” says Wyatt commenting on both the catwalk and the Garden’s vinyl debut, The Life and Times of a Paperclip.

Read it all here:

The video and sample of the audio quality.

Download the audio for the whole show here:

Sunday, July 26, 2015


A night at the Fillmore here in Denver with Foster The People.  A great performance, love their sound.  Included on this post are three videos shot to which the audio was synced.  What you hear is what you get on the audio for the full show below.  Enjoy!

Download the audio here:

Monday, May 25, 2015


When it rains it pours!  Another night wityh LA Witch!

LA Witch performed at the Lion's Lair on a Tuesday night.  It's a small venue on that seedy side of Colfax between the Ogden and Bluebird theaters. Drunks, homeless people, cripples. The "hip" began showing up around 9 PM and the place filled up. I look at an event like this and wonder how it is 4 bands can play and be paid anything at $6 a ticket with maybe 50 to 70 people max in attendance. LA Witch was touring with Has A Shadow, a two person "shoe gaze" band from Mexico. Kansas City the night before, Salt Lake the next night, 5 people all packed into a mini van with all their gear. A tough life touring. To help make it feel as though the trip to Denver was worthwhile, I gave them a little cash to "help pay for gas," probably the equivalent of what they took in that night (or more!). I got to hang out with both bands before and after the show.  The two bands got together in LA for mutually beneficial purposes: Has A Shadow gets to tour the US scene, LA Witch is invited to join them on tour in Mexico. They were both good and mutually complement each other’s sound. Most of the place cleared out after their set. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, up on my feet until after midnight just dancing. In the back of the truck by 1 AM after LA Witch drove off into the street light "sunset" down Colfax.

Download the audio for the show here:

Saturday, May 16, 2015


As soon as I learned about Desert Daze and who'd be performing during this one day music festival, I immediately purchased a ticket and airfare.  Described as the anti-Coachella, this festival draws local acts, has a fraction of the crowds, easy access to the foot of the stage, and is in a pleasant although dusty setting amidst palm trees and ponds at the north end of the Salton Sea, all located a couple hundred feet below sea level.  I flew in Friday, went to the festival Saturday and was heading back home Sunday night.  A wonderful time, even though the airline lost my luggage.  I had everything I needed in a carry-on bag and bought what I needed at an REI north of LAX in Santa Monica.  My daughter agreed to be my chaperon.

Our first stop was Pioneertown north of Palm Springs, where there was a festival pre-party at Pappy and Harriet's Friday night.  We arrived an hour before the music started, setting up the tent near the music venue.  Of the four bands playing, I went to see The Coathangers.  Besides being a relatively inexpensive show, starting the music the night before gave the weekend more of a festival experience.

Wikipedia writes:

The Coathangers are an alternative rock band from Atlanta. March 2014 saw the release of the band's fourth full length album entitled Suck My Shirt, for Suicide Squeeze Records.  In 2011, they released their third album, Larceny and Old Lace (also for Suicide Squeeze Records), to generally positive reviews.[2] The band formed in 2006 as a joke. After playing a house show, they were asked to open for The Hiss on the strength of their performance. The name was chosen for its vulgarity, an irreverent take on abortions, though all band members are pro-choice.  Their playfulness continues into their songs, with titles such as "Don’t Touch My Shit", "Nestle In My Boobies" and “Shut the Fuck Up.”

They were certainly the highlight of my day!  What a way to begin the weekend!

Download the audio for the whole show here:

Kim and the Creations is as much about performance art and the music!  WOW!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

'The all-killer, no-filler Kim House and her band have settled in and are taking her eccentric reputation to the next level. Bending over backwards, slinking through the crowd and switching from sweet to grunge at the drop of a bassline, the only thing that will get your eyes off her [wild outfits] is her potent and directed gaze, right into your soul. What you’re missing: Good ol’ girl grunge that makes you want to take over the world, regardless of gender identification." (Burger Records/ Lolipop Records) -BUZZBANDS LA

'Her over the top stage antics and outfits are only surpassed by the sheer strength of her Stooges and Cramps influenced garage gems.' -DO LA

Download the audio to the whole show here:

L.A. Witch imperessed me when I went to see Warpaint In LA a couple months ago.  And what is great is that I was able to see them again when Deap Vally came to Denver, again at Desert Daze and I'll see them a fourth time in as many mionths a few nights freom now back here in Denver!  I'm really enjopying their music and hope they become more widely known about and play for years to come!  They were one of the reasons why I say yes to going to Desert daze.

“Dirty distorted country” - Dark Party

“Imagine Kim Deal influenced by Nirvana (rather than the other way around)” - Los Angeles Magazine

“[L.A. Witch] stir up images of Gun Club ‘Fire Of Love’ era and early X… yet at the same time are something entirely their own.” - Buddyhead

” dark amalgam of psych-rock, garage and Americana… L.A. Witch recalls the early ragged glory of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or the Black Angels” - Buzzbands LA

Download the audio for the whole show here:

Deap Vally came to Denver a couple weeks before Desert Daze, helping me get in the party mood early!  Julie and Lindsey are not only hopt women, they put out a power house sound on stage!  They are a primary reason why I did not hesitate going to the festival.

Deap Vally mix bashing hard rock and greasy blues riffs, much like the White Stripes and the Black Keys, into their primal sound. The female indie duo formed in Los Angeles, after guitarist/howler Lindsey Troy took a crocheting class taught in a San Fernando shop by drummer Julie Edwards. The two swapped CDs from their respective projects, and soon decided to jam together. Deciding on an image based around halter tops and short jean shorts, they played their first show at Silverlake Lounge and, within a year (before they had even released an album), their raucous on-stage presence earned them some big spots with major British acts like Muse and the Vaccines. The self-professed Valley Girls released a four-song EP, Get Deap!, produced by Lars Stalfors, in the spring of 2013, in advance of a full-length debut, Sistrionix, also produced by Stalfors.

Download the audio to the whole show here:

Not much more I can about this band, being the primary reason I went to Desert Daze.  A fabulous performance in front of an enthusiastic audience.  I will continue watching their tour schedule hoping there will be another opportunity for our paths to cross!

Download the audio to the whole show here: