Monday, May 25, 2015


When it rains it pours!  Another night wityh LA Witch!

LA Witch performed at the Lion's Lair on a Tuesday night.  It's a small venue on that seedy side of Colfax between the Ogden and Bluebird theaters. Drunks, homeless people, cripples. The "hip" began showing up around 9 PM and the place filled up. I look at an event like this and wonder how it is 4 bands can play and be paid anything at $6 a ticket with maybe 50 to 70 people max in attendance. LA Witch was touring with Has A Shadow, a two person "shoe gaze" band from Mexico. Kansas City the night before, Salt Lake the next night, 5 people all packed into a mini van with all their gear. A tough life touring. To help make it feel as though the trip to Denver was worthwhile, I gave them a little cash to "help pay for gas," probably the equivalent of what they took in that night (or more!). I got to hang out with both bands before and after the show.  The two bands got together in LA for mutually beneficial purposes: Has A Shadow gets to tour the US scene, LA Witch is invited to join them on tour in Mexico. They were both good and mutually complement each other’s sound. Most of the place cleared out after their set. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, up on my feet until after midnight just dancing. In the back of the truck by 1 AM after LA Witch drove off into the street light "sunset" down Colfax.

Download the audio for the show here:

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