Sunday, July 28, 2013


This weekend I listened to Michael Aston's album "Dead Sexy" (released in 2009), Metric's October 13, 2012 show at the Austin City Limits Festival and PIL's April 11, 2013 show at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, Australia.  I'm finding myself wanting a "fix" of Gene Loves Jezebel every weekend, leading to making the commitment to see him perform live in LA this coming September.  I literally can't wait.  However, the next stop is Lollapooloza in Chicago.

Sugarbuzz Magazine writes:

GENE LOVES JEZEBEL'S "DEAD SEXY" is a heartening throwback to the more song-oriented, guitar-friendly, rock'n'roll side of goth, which is a welcome relief for many of us who are so tired, and bored senseless, with all that last century, "industrial", noise hammering. All you voodoo dollies with access to strong opiates, and heavy incense, who live in big houses full of candles, with velvety tapestries on all the walls, will surely love the swanky, and sensual, ethereal sounds of Michael Aston's "DEAD SEXY". All you gutter punks and whiskey swillers will probably prefer to stick with your regular Motorhead, Rose Tattoo, and Lower Class Brats. Myself, I'm pleasantly amazed by how much I've been enjoying "Dead Sexy".

Apparently, "Dead Sexy" is a "best of", compiling Michael's favorite tracks from '93-'03, Michael has expanded and developed his moody repertoire. Familiar flights of fancy, and otherworldly processions that sound both ancient and post-post-modern. He's written excellent songs, you get value for your money, here. This was a monumental undertaking-eighteen songs, on two discs. His voice has matured-there's far less keening and preening, and more importantly, his songwriting has continued to advance.

"DEAD SEXY" far exceeded any of my expectations. SOMEHOW, he's assembled a really top-notch, world-class, rock band, certain to appeal to diehard partisans, or really, anyone who ever liked anything like Peter Murphy, 39 Steps, "Love" era CULT, or the Mission U.K. The lyrics are thoughtful, and poetic. The guitars are epic, enchanting, magically delicious. It's a spell-binder. Clearly, he invested a lot of real passion into the making of this work, which is a bit shocking, because so few of our American artistes can even be arsed to create anything that resonates with authentic emotions, or the ring of truth, or moral courage, anymore. This album's soulful and shamanic. Welcome to the States, Michael Aston. It's only, ever, been peace loving, gentle-spirited, creative and talented, hard laboring, good hearted souls like yourself, who have ever made this melting pot worth living in. I strongly reccomend this L.P. to all Gene Loves Jezebel Fans, and any others inclined towards melodic, melancholy music. Good Listening. Nice job, lads.

A sample off the album:

Go out and buy it!