Friday, July 8, 2016


Oh man, it's been a while!~  I have been collecting tons of new music, but not having the time to do anything with it other than enjoy it myself in late night "virtual" converts outside the house with a cigar and bottle of tequila!  I should make an effort to post the best of the best from this last year, and there would be plenty to choose from in terms of the performance and quality.  This next one falls into that category.

Flew into LA to see Van Halen perform on the last night of their 2015 tour.  A killer show!  I paid big bucks for an up front seat and it was worth every penny!  They were hot that night and David Lee Roth was in top form, enjoying every minute he had on stage, especially knowing after this night it would all be over with no guarantee of another tour.

The YouTube videos say it all.  The audio is the same quality as what's provided in the link below.  Enjoy!

Download the audio for the whole show here:

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