Sunday, August 10, 2008


Spent the day putzing around the house, polyurathaning trim that I'll be installing in the master bedroom next week. Exciting. Also searched the web for new boots, landing several from Van Halen's 2004 tour.
Loaded up the flask with tequila, grabbed a cigar and off I went to my party spot on the prairie that looks across to the lights of Denver. Since I was starting late, I chose a one CD bootleg for tonight's concert. And since I was in the mood for a Sammy era tour, I picked the boot named "Blastin'". This is a soundboard recording (excellent quality!) of two shows, the first half from Wembley Stadium, London, UK, on June 24th 1995, while the second half came from the Civic Center, Pensacola FL, on March 11th 1995. A+ recording when it comes to the quality of the sound and the bands performance. I was stoked by the time I reached the end of the CD, so I found myself listening to some of my favorite tracks over again. What I noticed is that a more mature Van Halen plays the earlier classics better than they did back in the day. I even feel that Sammy does an equal if not better job on some of the classics than DLR, mostly because he's actually putting effort into singing. Turned out to be a really fun night!

Nineteen ninety five
The crest of a second wave
Just before it breaks

Far over the edge
Tequila and Van Halen
Lovin' each minute

What I've noticed is that the Sammy era songs strike an emotional cord within me that never happens with the earlier tunes. I rock to the pre 1984 music, and roll with the emotional punch of the tone and lyrics of the Sammy era sound. It causes me to think about things that have lately been on my mind, like the fact that so many people I know are suffering from cancer. Makes me appreciate what I have , but my heart goes out to them because they are struggling for their lives.

The time approaches
On eternity's doorstep
Cherish each sunrise

Clock quickly unwinds
Youths invincibility gone
Ticking slows, then stops

Life's celebration
Wild party drawing to a close
They leave, one by one

Another birthday
The years slip through his fingers
Never stops ticking

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