Sunday, July 19, 2009


I looked forward to Friday night, not only for the music, but simply knowing that the worst of the siding project was behind me. All I had to look forward these next two days was nailing up a few pieces of trim and then caulking the joints between pieces of siding and other key areas. Easy stuff.

Friday night was clear and comfortably cool. A great time to be outdoors. The two shows I planned to listen to were of excellent quality so I switched back to the headphones for maximum effect.

Wanted to try something different and went for Goldfinger, the pop Punk / ska band out of Los Angeles. I've always liked their sound, and lament the fact that they don't come around often for live concerts, or when they did I was unavailable to attend. First up tonight is their live performance in June of 2001 in the UK, a show entitled Foot In Mouth. This title must come from the fact that the band members playfully joke amongst themselves and the audience between each song throughout the show.

"We've been in your beautiful country England for about five days now. The other day we stopped at a truck stop and Darrin, our drummer, orders fish and chips and then he asks, a true story, and then he asks "Do French fries come with that?"

An excellent soundboard recording to their live performance.

Seething fire within
Way beyond all control
Releases his grip

Feeling like a pawn
Lost, confused in the middle
Watches giant battle

Lifetime of building
So carefully assembled
Then it falls apart

Once sheltered within
Unbreakable confidence
The shell is cracking

Download it here:

Next up was another excellent recording of Echo & The Bunnymen's live performance at La Zona Rosa in Austin, TX on June 17, 2006. Not much more to say other than they perform well, Ian's voice hangs in there, although its a bit rough in spots, and they cover all their best material right up through their most recent release Siberia which came out the year before.
In bed by sometime after midnight. Nice knowing there was no grueling project awaiting me the following day.

Endless waves approach
Each one crests and then they fall
Vanish without a trace

Green growing slowly
Foundations paper is lost
Amidst all the red

High pinpoint of light
Moves across the darkened sky
Yellowed clouds drifting

Cutting so deeply
There's no make up and forget
Bandage as a mask

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