Monday, October 12, 2009


Getting back to basics this extended weekend. I went through the stack of music and found a show from almost exactly two years ago, Van Halen performing live at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on October 14, 2007, shortly after they began their 2007/2008 reunion tour. I was surprised to learn that this recording is one of the best out there from that tour, their performance on stage coming through loud and clear, the audience noise kept to a minimum, although there were a couple times I found myself turning around, believing someone was standing beside me this evening.

Having been born in Bloomington, Indiana (on October 10, 1954), for Dave this show was a sort of homecoming and birthday party combined. It was apparent that he was fully charged this evening, and that both he and Eddie were sincere in their having gotten back together again. It was still early in the tour. I thoroughly enjoyed the recording.

Freezing cold out side under the clear sky. This whole weekend has been nothing but icy weather, the pine trees whitened under a coat of frost. The icy fog persisted the following morning, coating the truck windshield. Winter has arrived early.

Cradled in skilled hands
Notes flying off his fingers
Pouring from his heart

There on center stage
Under the white hot spotlight
Maestro at his best

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