Monday, February 1, 2010


Friday night rolled around and yet I wasn't really in the mood for a blow out night listening to music and tipping the flask. Must have been tired and was thinking more about a good nights rest. I did manage to muster up the energy to go out to the truck late in the evening, bringing along two CDs, but playing only one.

Coldplay received my full attention this evening, a smooth performance in London at Brixton Academy on June 16, 2008 before an audience for Radio 1. They played some of their new songs from Viva la Vida , and some of their favorite "introspective Brit-pop and anthemic" songs from previous releases. Great sounding FM recording and a great performance by the band. The effect of having listened to Chris Martin's soothing voice was to lull me to sleep upon returning to the house and bed sometime about midnight.

Corporate free speech
Politicians take notice
Listen to the funders

The call of duty
Honor paid to those who serve
Names etched on marble

Play the instrument
It touches upon the heart
Tears of happiness

Slips through his fingers
No longer hears the clocks tick
Lost all track of time

Eyes upon the heavens
Resting upon Earth's high throne
Never wants to go

Saturday was spent at home, primarily sitting at the dining room table carving the last remaining blocks for the next print. A very boring chore, but the only way to get to the end and see what it is that I have created when I take ink to paper. Numerous coffee breaks help break the mind numbing activity.

By that night I was rested and more willing do my traditional virtual concert thing outside with my cigar and flask. Instead of using the headphones I turned on the truck stereo in order to spare the ears of any more damage, at least for this night. First up was Nirvana performing in Omaha, Nebraska on October 8, 1989, a great sounding recording of some of their earlier work, before they were catapulted into the national spotlight a few years later. Loud, rough and heavy, loaded with feedback. The music kicked me into the mood, setting me up for round two.

I closed the night down with Echo & The Bunnymen's Sessions, Rarities and Demos. These collections are a favorite of mine, the subtle variations of their studio album performances giving us a different view of their music and performance style, seeing how the songs evolved from inception to their recording. The songs included on the download were from their prime in the mid 80's, while they were at the peak of their game, tunes recorded while they worked on their first four albums, considered by Bunnymen aficionados to be their very best, that high pinnacle never to be reached thereafter. I agree, but there are many other songs they performed later on that are, in my opinion, just as good, even if Ian's voice deteriorated with the passing years. A really fun recording listened to under a very bright full moon.

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