Monday, May 24, 2010


I was stunned to learn that what I thought was a relatively simple fix to a bumper was instead damage to the frame that made the vehicle irreparable. Both insurance company claims assessors concluded that repairing the vehicle properly would cost more than it was worth. Take the check and they scrap the truck. And yet I'm still driving it around.

After spending weekday nights looking for a replacement online, Saturday found me at dealerships looking at Toyotas and Nissans. I narrowed it down to a small number of vehicles and quickly made a decision. By mid afternoon I had purchased a used vehicle that met all my specifications. It also had a camper shell that would allow me to continue going on trips where I could sleep in the back. The perfect replacement.

Saturday night found me at the Bluebird Theater to see one of Denver's own, Meese, play their brand of alternative/indie rock before a full house. They formed in 2005 and tonight marked the end of that short time together, having announced that they were disbanding to go onto other ventures. This was their last night at the Bluebird, thanking the Denver crowd for all the support they showed all these years.

Meese calls it quits, last official show this Saturday at the Bluebird

By Dave Herrera, Tuesday, May. 18 2010 @ 7:38AM

Looks like it's the end of the road for Meese. Well sort of. This Saturday, May 22, at the Bluebird, the band will be playing its last official show -- or delivering its final Broadcast, as it were -- as Meese with the Northern Way.

After enjoying a great deal of success on the local level and burgeoning success on the national front (being listed in as one of AP's 100 Bands You Need to Know this year), followed eventually by a frustrating set back (parting ways with Atlantic Records), the Meese brothers, Patrick and Nathan, and guitarist Mike Ayars are retiring the Meese moniker and preparing to launch a brand new band with new players and all new music.

Taking a page out of Hot IQs' book, the guys are actually slated to perform two more times, once at the Colorado Rapids game on July 4 and on August 21 at Bohemian Nights in Fort Collins, but are considering the show this weekend at the Bluebird to be its last proper show.

Local Churchill and The Northern Way opened the show this evening. Meese put on a great performance. I stood right up front and got to watch them perform, right down to individual finger movements. What was even more interesting was watching facial expressions, knowing that when Partick Meese comes back to play again, it will probably be with new faces standing besides him. He came out into the lobby afterwards to meet and thank his fans, signing autographs. As his "moustached friend standing in the front row," I thanked him for a great show and asked that he continue making the music.

Boiling hatred seethes
Suit hides the lurking caveman
Drinks tea at parties

They join the Army
Lured by fun and adventure
Until they glimpse death

Crests the breaking wave
Left drained in the foaming wash
Takes another PiL

After the show I headed back to the new truck, turned it west and drove into the mountains, stopping around 2AM after crossing over Loveland Pass, finding a quiet spot alongside the road surrounded by snow capped peaks. At 12,000 feet, sleeping is never deep or restful. I was initiating the truck for the adventures I hope it will take me in the future.

The next morning I drove the remaining two miles to Arapahoe Basin for some late season skiing. Breakfast in the lodge, carving turns by 9AM. A beautiful sunny day, the snow softening up into butter for some fine carving. The strong wind rocked the chair lift and pelted people with ice on the mountain top. I departed by early afternoon to avoid the inevitable slush. Smooth sailing on the highway. At least another month of skiing is still available.

Our swimming in debt
Chinese financial buyout
Modern day red scare

Sheep graze contently
See the swaying trees shadow
Timid flock scatters

There is nothing else
Center of our attention
Speck in the night sky

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