Monday, August 30, 2010


Another weekend of working slavishly on the room: sanding drywall, spray texturing, priming, final painting of the walls and ceiling. After hours of working on Saturday, I was ready for a break out on the prairie. A yellowed last quarter moon was rising up above the eastern horizon when I parked the truck.

Three part act this evening, starting off with Siouxsie & The Banshees performing live at the Shibuya Kokaido in Tokoy on February 5, 1983. Sultry voice and great guitar work. Sipping tequila, consumed with the first of two cigars. Excellent soundboard recording of the whole show. The Japanese politely clap in the background.

On the edge of life
Looking at us with their dull eyes
As we drive right by

Born with so much hope
Error on top of error
The sunbeam grows dim

Felt so effortless
But here come the aches and pains
Struggles to survive

Once was so naive
His attitude adjustment
Getting hard to care

Download it here:

Next up was Nirvana recorded live at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago, IL. on October 12, 1991. Their second album was released the previous month, their hit song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" capturing the attention of the nation, propelling them to instant stardom. They were just beginning to ride the crest of the wave that would suddenly crash in 1994.

"10-12-91 is one of the best Nirvana shows ever recorded and can be found on at least three separate discs. The vocals are blistering and extremely solid. The drums are a little loud and drown out the bass somewhat, but the performance is raw and full of energy. An early "Rape Me" & "Lounge Act" would have been nice additions to the setlist, but there can't be any complaints about the songs that were performed. A few times during the show, stage divers knock over the mic stand and the vocals are lost for a few seconds (Krist tells them to watch it.) It's a fun show to listen to and a favorite among Nirvana bootleg collectors.

A spirit long gone
Burned with such intensity
Singing forever

Down load it here:

I closed the evening with Echo & The Bunnymen, a fine bootleg recording of their live show before an enthusiastic audience at the La Bamba in Portland Oregon on October 27, 1981. Classic early Bunnymen!


phil said...

Any chance of some links for this gig.Many thanx for all the other bunnymen gigs.

volcano man said...

Phil, let me see what I can do. I do believe in sharing the music. I just need to verify the source to determine whether I can release it (in other words, if I received it from Bunnyman archivist Steve, I will prefer not releasing it. Of the three you posted comments on, I know I can share the Portland show with you. Keep checking here for the link. It's just a matter of precious time.

volcano man said...

I confirmed Steve gave me the two other shows for a trade and therefore feel inclined to withhold them without a trade in return. Have any Bunnymen shows that are presently not in general circulation on the web?

phil said...

Thanx for the Portland show. Don't think I have any Bunnymen gigs that are not presently in general circulation on the web. I have many Bootlegs of other bands. Let me know if you are interested and what band's you like.