Sunday, September 12, 2010


Flew into Helena, Montana for a two day conference, the first afternoon being spent with others climbing Mt. Helena. We then had a few beers at the Blackfoot River Brewing Company, followed by dinner at the Wind Bag and then closing the day with a night cap at the Lewis & Clark Brewery. There are benefits to arriving at your destination ahead of schedule!

I continued with the room renovation, completing the trim around the windows. Not enough time for staining, that project left for the following weekend. I'm burning out fast.

This was the 9th anniversary of 9/11. How disappointing to hear all the screaming and hatred on the television.

I listened to the second half of Sub Pop’s 20th anniversary Deluxe Edition reissue of Nirvana's debut album Bleach, the previously unreleased performance at the Pine Street Theatre in Portland, Oregon on February 9, 1990. Excellent show, great sound. By the sound of it, I believe the show ends with them smashing their guitars.

Get out there and buy it!

Like a pestilence
Fueled by their fear and hatred
Blight upon the land

Black eyes stare intently
Leaps across tire smoothed pavement
Joins the roadside dead

Sweat on helmets brow
Tight fingers on the trigger
Hunt down their brothers

A boyish faced teen
Pretended to be a man
Lying on the ground

Years passed since they fell
Still counting the faceless dead
Love that's turned to hate

Haunted by the ghost
Their revenge claims the living
Worshiping the dead

Say its for honor
While wearing wings of angels
Acting like demons

Next up was a classic performance by Echo & The Bunnymen in August 2001 at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Listening to it put me right back in front of the stage, reliving my short time in Liverpool last December. Loved it!

Another beautiful evening under the stars, Autumn's chill in the air. In bed by 1 AM, not necessarily looking forward to resuming work on the room.

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