Monday, June 27, 2011


The countdown is on and this is the last weekend to get it all together before the big launch. The days were spent checking equipment, gathering food supplies and downloading music because, you know, I'm not going out into the wilderness without some loud music to fill my head those magical moments. Both Friday and Saturday night found me outside in the warm summer evening with the truck stereo cranked.

First up were the Sex Pistols, a very good recording of their live performance at the Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas, Texas on January 10, 1978, on their one and only North American tour.

This is what was written about the show from someone who was in attendance:

The Sex Pistols were doing this short, weird Southern tour in funky locations and might never play the U.S. again, and there were already personnel problems in the band. Going seemed like the natural thing to do. They were the Beatles of the punk movement. They were the band. It was an event to see them. I'd been to progressive country shows at the Longhorn Ballroom before -- seen Willie Nelson -- so it wasn't exactly a redneck bar.

Sid was really fucked up. Really drunk. He played for a while without his guitar plugged in. He played for a while with a fish. I think somebody threw it up there, a bass or something. People seemed pissed at him. He'd spit on the audience; they'd spit on him. That's what you did. There was this element of, "You paid to see us play?"

The memorable thing about the show was the crowd and how tightly packed it was. Everybody had moments when you were suddenly not on the ground anymore, being swept along with the crowd. Some people were genuinely scared of being crushed. But that's an old British football tradition, too.

I don't remember anything about the song list. I'm sure it was all their favorites. They didn't have all that many songs, but they were entertaining songwriters. Their songs still hold up. "God Save the Queen" is a wonderful song. And it was a great rock & roll show

Sheep blindly gather
Before men in pin stripped suits
Ready to be fleeced

Needle in the arm
Cooked junk burning in their veins
Lies that feel so good

Childs toy left behind
Among the stone monuments
Picked up by young hands

Turn on the TV
We're happily sedated
Forgetting the pain

Another perfect day
Mission to be accomplished
Never to return

Stripes across the sky
Pale white moonlt filaments
There, and then they're gone

Believe every word
It really doesn't matter
See it in their eyes

Honor and valor
Realizing its just crap
Nothing but regret

Download it here:

The loud and raucous Sex Pistols were followed by the softer, moody, darker sounds of Interrpol. Cake, Interpol, Paul Bank, performed during the 17th edition of the ‘Eurockeennes de Belfort’ music festival in Belfort, France on July 1, 2005. This is an excellet FM recording of that show.

Download it here:

Saturday night ended with an excellent live performance by Van Halen, the first 11 tracks coming from the Oklahoma City, OK show on August 6, 1978 while Tracks 12 - 14 are from unknown venues on unknown dates in 1979. Very good quality soundboard recording. Dave raps with the audience the entire show, really enjoying himself and throughly enjoying the sunshine of the day.

Download it here:

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