Sunday, September 18, 2011


More work on the bathromm, but I have crossed a threshold, where I now beging reassembling what I have removed.  Following the installation of the "granite" bathroom countertop on Friday, the big job this weekend was putting up new wallpaper, a slow and tedious job.  Being a geologist, I was instantly drawn to this variety of stone, a boldly colored pegmatite with large crystals of feldspar in a matrix of biotite, horneblende and kyanite.  Matches beautifully, being a bridge betwen the tile and wallpaper.

Sunday night was spent my sunset overlook, with sweeping views of the Front Range.
Anger deep inside
Lash out at all in his way
Struck by moon madness

They can't stop talking
Every sentence starts with "me"
So into themselves

Up there on the stage
Hearing their sweet nothings
Listen to their lies

Not for you and me
Loyalty to the party
Their panic attack

Friday night began with a short collectioin of songs by Morphine, KCRW's Live Morning Becomes Eclectic, Los Angles CA on March 28, 1995.  I'm really beginng to like their very unique sound. 

Download it here:

The Joy Division performed at the Bowdon Vale Youth Club on March 14, 1979.  I chose this live show in anticipation of seeing Peter Hook, bass player for Joy Division, this coming Monday night perform their very first album, Unknown Pleasures.

Nirvana closed down Friday night, a live show of theirs performed at the Hollywood Underground in Seattle, WA on September 28, 1988.  Always a pleasure to listen to their early music.

Download it here:,g/88-12-28-Hollywood-Underground-Seattle-WA-US-JWB-REMASTER-By-Sharey.html

Only one show needed Saturday night, Echo and The Bunnymen perform their first two albums back to back, Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here at the O2 Academy in Oxford, UK on December 16, 2010.  An excellent recording of a really well done show, the band sounding really tight, Mac's voice is wonderful.  It put me right back in the UK for the three shows I attended in London and Liverpool right afterwards.

Download it here:

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