Monday, October 31, 2011


Friday night was spent with Nirvana on Halloween night in Seattle, Monday's Halloween Day was spent here in the office in Denver.  I received a surprise when I was given a Jack Jensen style painting that day in the office, a prop for a coworker who was trying to imitate me, but looked too much like Johnny Depp to be convincing, at least to me.  Even Jack Jensen was impressed by the quality of the artist's work.  "Everybody steals from Jack!"

But Friday night was spent somewhere very far away.  First up was a very good recording of Public Image Limited performing in Kings Hall in Manchester, UK on February 23, 1979.  This was less than a year since John Lydon pulled together some friends to form a new band after the Sex Pistols came to a sudden end at the beginning of 1978.  "We ain't that bad after one night's rehearsal."  "If that's your attitude we'll keep you fucking waiting."  The audience called out for Sex Pistols tunes.  This recording captures that evening beautifully.

Download it here:

Next up late Friday was Nirvana performing at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, WA on October 31, 1991.  Excellent recording, a "JWB Remaster."  There are so many versions out there of this show that it's hard to say which one I've got, but its really, really good.  The quality of these bootleg recordings is phenomenal, equal to anything issued by the record companies.  I probably listened to this one before, but considering the fact it was nearly  Halloween I felt I had to try it on again.

"The level of excitement on this recording is audible. This is Nirvana's first big homecoming show after releasing Nevermind and their last American show before leaving for a European tour. It was recorded Halloween night 1991 one month after the release of Nevermind. At the end of "School" you can hear Krist Novoselic yelling at the audience for being too punk rock to dress up on Halloween."
"This show starts off with a very early cover of Jesus Wants Me for A Sunbeam(2 years before they performed it on Unplugged in New York.) They play most of the songs from Nevermind, a few from Bleach, and an early performance of "Rape Me" which wouldn't get released until In Utero."

Read it all here, along with this persons version of the show, a smaller sized file from the one I provide:

Download it here:

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