Monday, February 20, 2012


Presidents Day holiday weekend, Monday off, with spare time to lounge around the house getting miscellaneous things done.  I stopped by Jack Jensen's store this week to pick up an early work of his, one that had been hanging in his studio for years.  Before accepting it we had to perform a ceremony to "un-jinx" it because it was made following his divorce years ago, and because the last person to buy it late last year lost their job shortly after hanging it up.  This is the only piece of his that the entire family thinks is "cool", worthy of hanging up on the wall in an area of the house that everyone can see.

I had the time so I did the final run of a block print I had been working on, Mount Hope near Leadville, CO, just a few feet shy of being a "fourteener."  I look at it and all my eyes see are different lines one could take skiing down the mountain slopes.  It turned out rather well and I'm satisfied with it, enough to put it aside and move onto the next one, the image of which has been decided upon and the blocks made.  It should be an easy, simple one.  My hope is to complete a fourth one before the end of the winter, the design of which I already have in mind.

Flock to the alter
Three piece suits clasped hands that pray
Money, more money

Friday night kicked off with the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing a live show at Stadion Slaski, Chorzów, Poland on July 3, 2007. Soundboard quality with all their best songs played. A very enjoyable start to the evening.

Download it here:!download|905l3|384857445||119695|R~1B8EA7AF30722FA565184A40B2596AF5|0|0!download|989l34|384857519||130737|R~45A7E0817569868B599E6E4C716C5403|0|0

The evening comes to a red hot close with Nirvana, the bootleg Heaven Can Wait, songs from two of their shows, Raji's in Hollywood, CA on February 15, 1990 and the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA on October 31, 1991.

A reviewer of the bootleg says:

Great show with Chad on the drums. A early blistering performance of Breed is the highlight for me, but the Molly's Lips and Stain are really good too. This is a average audience recording and between songs you can hear the crowd yelling requests... once the band fires up it drowns them all out.  The early days and small clubs... This is what it was all about - having fun and screwing around with the crowd... "I want you all to Pogo to this one".

Download it here:

Saturday night starts off with a blistering performance by Fugazi at a club in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands on July 5, 1995.  In the middle of the performance Ian MacKaye, plagued with tuning problems says "I certainly apologize for the delays. Right now I have to make a choice.  Either I have to play a guitar that sounds like shit, or I play a guitar that goes out of tune.  So...I'm sorry?  Play both?  I already have, the other one and this one."  A very good recording.

Support the band and download it here:

I've been waiting for this one for some time.  Echo and the Bunnymen at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on November 8, 2005.  A soundboard recording of a classic Bunnymen show from the later years.

From someone who attended the show:

The Paradiso is packed to the rafters and there is a discernable excitement in the air. Not only is it two years since the Bunnymen graced these shores with their presence, but tonight is also the showcase for Siberia, a new album which has undoubtedly recaptured the original Bunnymen spirit - and an album that signals a fabulous return to form. The feeling of seeing them just for old time's sake (which was, frankly, manifest last time around) has utterly vanished, replaced by a sense of real anticipation. This, my friends, is an event. A glance at the stage set adds to this feeling, a huge drape behind the equipment adds a theatrical air. There is also a candelabrum boasting six lit candles atop of Will Sergeant's amp. There's even a return of the dry ice (as proved by a test run of the ice machine before the gig), giving a suitably chilly aura.

Read it all here:

Download it here:!download|615|1900434636|Echo_-_2005_-_Paradiso_Amsterdam_8-11-2005.rar|194555


trapink said...

Any chance of re-upping the Muse show in Boston? My kids were at that show and would love to enjoy it again.

volcano man said...

Boston? I posted shows of theirs playing in London, Coachella in Indio CA and Denver. One of those? I switched to using Rapidshare for now as a substtute for Megaupload. Let me know what you need.

trapink said...

Thanks Volcano Man —

A post over on Guitars101 claimed there was a recording of the Muse show in Boston, and gave credit (and a link) to your blog as the source — they obviously were mistaken on the location of the show.

The good news — it lead me to your excellent site, which I've bookmarked and will look forward to visiting. Rock onward —