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On Monday on April 2, 2012 at 2:50 am, a long time friend passed quietly away in Portland, Oregon.  The second of two best friends I have lost in less than 2 years, both of whom I've known since high school, 41 years ago.  With such long-term relationship, there is no possibility of finding a replacement.  A once in a lifetime opportunity.  I mourn the loss, but I also celebrate the special times we had.  Ties to the past are breaking, one by one.

I was wanting an evening of music listening to artists who would perform songs that would be more appropriate for my somber mood this Friday night.  First up was Echo and the Bunnymen's single, In The Margins, released in October 2005, shortly after they released their 10th studio album, Siberia. It includes 3 songs:

In The Margins (Radio Edit)
Nothing Lasts Forever (Acoustic)
In the Margins (Instrumental)

This selection set the mood for what followed.

Download it here:!download|774|1516950293|EATB_-_ITMS.rar|32568

Next came Candleland, Ian McCulloch's first solo album released on September 17, 1989. This album marked McCulloch's departure from Echo and the Bunnymen in 1989.

Download it here:

"Proud to Fall" is the first single released by Ian McCulloch from his debut solo album Candleland in 1989. The song reached number one on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in the US and number fifty-four on the UK Singles Chart. It is my favorite song off the album, fitting perfectly the mood I was in. I was so taken by it that I used "Proud To Fall (Long Night's Journey Mix)" for the soundtrack of the McNamara hut trip video I was working on this weekend. It works perfectly.

Coldplay extended my Friday night into Saturday morning, their show at the Main Square Festival in Arras, France on July 3, 2011.  Another great recording.

A fan who attended the show wrote:

Hey coldplayers !!! We're just back from Arras !! and we attended to an awesome Coldplay gig yesterday !! their performance were amazing and we all welcomed them warmly !! singing "oooOOOOooohhh" or calling "coldplay" around 11:15pm to get them on the stage and to show them we're proud to get them here in France !! Everyone in the crowd raised balloons when they arrived on stage...the project was successful and we thank for the help Their perfomance was great, especially God put a smile upon your face...Chris def becomes a rockstar (even he already was !) after threwing his guitar away, like in Glasto Apparently, there was a technical problem or something with Will at the beginning of In My Place...but if Chris hadn't mentioned it, we wouldn't have noticed that ! The performance of Viva la Vida was great, as usual...everybody was singing oooOOOOooohhh !! The new songs, such as Charlie Brown, Major Minus.....were amazing, especially Us against the's really nice to see Will singing !! And the funny part was after they sang "Life is for living" and Chris said "ok, thanks alot, good night everybody" as if they wouldn't come back !! and everybody was like "Coooldplaaayy" clapping in our hands !! and obviously, they came back with Clocks, Fix You and Every teardrop is a waterfall !! i think everybody was def mor excited when they played this last one They had their usual complicity together and with us !! and that's why they rocked the Main Square Festival !! Coldplay, WE LOVE YOU !! MERCI BEAUCOUP

Download it here:

Saturday night began slow, building to a crescendo.  First at bat was Echo and the Bunnymen, their 1997 single release Don't Let It Get You Down.  On it are:

Don't Let It Get You Down
The Back Of Love (live at The Glastonbury Festival 1997)
Over The Wall (live at The Glastonbury Festival 1997)

Three really good songs providing a delectable taste of the Bunnymen to start off the evening.

Download it here:!download|974|205682912|EATB-DLIGUD.rar|32805

Next up was a great audience recording of Public Image Limited at the Sala Astoria in Madrid, Spain on October 17, 1986.  "No spitting!" Johnny exclaims at the end of performing the Sex Pistols tune, Pretty Vacant.  A great rendition of Religion, with some psychedelic guitar work accompanying Johnny's ranting about the church.  I love the band and hope they make it to the US sometime late this year or early next year after their European tour that is about to get underway.

I was in the mood for Nirvana.  By now it was early Sunday morning.  In October 1990 they did several shows in the UK, including one at the Student Union at the Leeds Polytechnic in Leeds UK on October 25, 1990.  Great audience recording.  About this show, its been written that "There were many screw-ups and mishaps due to an enormous amount of stage divers all taking their leaps, which visibly upset Kurt."

Download it here:!download|911|1637251722|Sala_Astoria__Madrid__Spain_17.10.86.rar|41168

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