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This past Saturday a very good friend of mine who I've known since early high school arrived here at my home in Colorado.  In a box from the mortuary located in Portland, Oregon.  That night he and I stood outside on the porch while it rained (one of the few times it does rain), keeping him company while listening to music and smoking a cigar. This is the one time I felt comfortable allowing him to hold onto my flask of tequila (I set it on top of the box). I'll hold onto to him for another week or two and then he'll continue his journey back east where he will be sprinkled in the waters off Mt. Sinai Harbor on Long Island's north shore, a place that he lived with his dad in a one room houseboat. The boat yard is now a small park with views of the entire harbor.

Knowing his somewhat abrasive personality, a person at his memorial had this to say: After Coston had been in heaven a few hours, God was overheard saying, "Now I remember why I left you down there so long!"

Standing next to the box, knowing what’s left of him is hidden inside, was a stark reminder that he is really gone forever.

The past several weeks have gone by very quickly, any free time taken up working primarily on tha five part video of the Jackson Hole "mancation" that I went on with several others this past late January/early February.  Hours of editing and then syncing it to music.  It's finally done, all that remains is burning DVDs for all that went on the trip.  The above is "day" three of the five part series, our time at Baldy Knoll Yurt on the backside of the Grand Teton Mountains.  As you can see we had epic snow in a beautiful setting while staying in a comfortable yurt with a buch of great guys.  I'm betting we do it again next year.

Although busy working on this project weekends and a trip to Oklahoma City for a meeting, I did find the time to break away and step outside for a little music.  Here's the good stuff I've been listening to these last few weekends.

JANUARY 17, 1970

Considering Ian McCulloch of the Bunnymen throws in a little Doors in one or two extended versions of their songs during each show (Villiers Terrace, Nothing Lasts Forever), I was in the mood for some Doors, never having listened to any of their live shows.  I had a copy of their Live in New York, a six-disc box set of the final four concerts performed by The Doors on January 17 and 18, 1970 at the Felt Forum in New York City.

On this night I listened to their first show on January 17, 1970.  Great sound!  It is written:

Split over six fantastic-sounding CDs, these live recordings are a revelation, an aural document of the Doors and Morrison at their professional best. It might seem overkill to splurge on four shows of similar material recorded over two days, but their Forum mini-residence was one of those gigs where fans would have kicked themselves for not getting tickets to every show: blues covers change, an unheard “Celebration of the Lizard” is thrown in, and Morrison — the psychedelic Sinatra — keeps changing the phrasing of songs in surprising ways, though always in control both of his mysterious instrument and of the mesmerized crowd.

Read more:

It is this spontaneous fire that made the Doors, and the performances contained within this set, such an exciting live act. Take for instance the three searing versions of “Who Do You Love?” The first one, from the first show, is the one we all know and love from the much loved In Concert album. Here, in it’s original running order in the show, followed by a dramatically perfect “Little Red Rooster,” a boogiefied “Money” and a pointed “Light My Fire,” we can hear just how capable the band was of providing blistering blues one minute, and psychedelic wonder the next.

Read more:

I can look forward to more shows and nights to come.

Go out and buy it!

MARCH 3, 1983
Speaking of Echo and the Bunnymen......I listened to their March 3, 1983 show in Paris, France.  Another great recording.

Download it here:

(Since I get these links from others and considering the recent crackdown on shared music, please let me know when the links provided fail to work).

Soft hands firmly gripped
Spark a bloody revolution
One drop at a time

Sunlight rippled waters
Warm wind rustles tree branches
For them it is no more

Muddy brown water
Bubbles drift like beads of light
Ripples of wind go by

Urban river flows
Trash littered banks, cars rush by
White cranes come to roost

Water's ribbon of light
The western sky turns yellow
Sun's last call greets the night

Their days are over
Faces just a memory
Why did you have to go?

JANUARY 3, 1992
I'm in the process of reading Britpop!: Cool Britannia And The Spectacular Demise Of English Rock by John Harris, given to me by Jack Jensen. It is described as:

Beginning in 1994 and closing in the first months of 1998, the UK passed through a cultural moment as distinct and as celebrated as any since the war. Founded on rock music, celebrity, boom-time economics, and fleeting political optimism, this was "Cool Britannia." Records sold in the millions, a new celebrity elite emerged, and Tony Blair''s Labour Party found itself returned to government. Drawing on interviews from all the major bands including Oasis, Blur, Elastica, and Suede, and from music journalists, record executives, and those close to government, Britpop!charts the rise and fall of the Britpop moment.

The first part of the book presents the history and competitive spirits of the bands Suede and the Blur.  This night it was Suede's turn, the "best new band in Britain" in 1992, turning up the volume on their live show at the Newcross on January 3, 1992.  The music makes the book come to life when I have a good sense of what their sound was.  More to come here as well as I plow through a few hundred more pages!  "New" music ahead!

Download it here before they take it away:

The suns orange orb
Sinking through the western haze
Life mirrors days end

White cranes circling
Lands on the wooded river bank
Find their evening home

Wind comes from the east
Across the open prairie
Passing through his hair

River encampment
Where once a proud nation stood
Lit hotels now rise

Their live show in Germany, Anthrax Marxists.  Excellent sound on this recording!  And a great performance by this English post-punk group from Leeds
Download it here:


APRIL 9, 1993
I need a periodic dose of some Nirvana, this time it was their live show at the Bosnian Rape Victim Benefit at the San Francisco Cow Palace on April 9, 1993.  This was a benefit concert organized by Krist to provide assistance and raise awareness for the Trenjevka Woman's Group, a dedicated organization that offered care to all female refugees and their children during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Nirvana's Rape Me, must have been a big hit during this show!  Another excellent recording!!

Download all four parts here:

NOVEMBER 15, 1983
Great sounding recording.  After the 4th song Johnny says "I'm tired, can I go home now?  Aw come on now, I'm really tired" all meant to get a rise out of the audience.  What's different about this show is the inclusion of psychedelic effects scattered throughout the nights performance.

Download it here:

NOVEMBER 11, 2008
Last up were The Killers, performing at the Kesselhaus in Berlin, Germany.  A soundboard recording.
Sorry, this file's link is a causality of the file sharing war.

MAY 21, 2011
In remembrance of their US tour exactly a year ago, I pulled out this recording of mine of their show at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA on May 21, 2011.  An excellent recording, I don't say so myself!  Ian was still in a relatively good mood, chatting with the audience, although he claimed he was a bit shy this evening.  Not as good as San Francisco two nights earlier, but a lot better than the melt the following night.

More pictures and link to the music is here:

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