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After waiting several weeks, the time had come, the indie band The Jezabels had arrived in Denver midway through their North American tour.  I had heard of their music about a year ago, liked it and hoped they would tour outside of their home base in Sydney, Australia.  My wish had come true, I was not going to miss this opportunity.

They were performing with the B.C., Canadian indie band Yukon Blond, the show opening up with the local band, The Outfit.  This was my first time at the Larimer Lounge, a small venue on the north edge of Denver.  I had dinner at The Lobby, peddled past the homeless people crowding around the Denver Rescue Mission and settled in at the bar waiting for the show to begin.

Yukon Blonde is describe as such:

Yukon Blonde is a Canadian indie rock band originally from Kelowna, British Columbia. Formed in 2005 as a quintet called Alphababy, the band members changed the name in late 2008 at the suggestion of Jon-Rae Fletcher, with whom the band was touring. The band has been based in Vancouver since 2009. Now a trio with some guest touring members, Yukon Blonde is signed to Bumstead Records and Nevado Records.

As Alphababy, the group released two EPs that received favourable critical reviews. Yukon Blonde's debut EP was Everything in Everyway. Their debut self-titled album, which was recorded live-to-tape, came out in 2010. For both, they worked with record producer Shawn Cole, who has previously worked with such bands as Bend Sinister and You Say Party! We Say Die!. The band has toured the US and Canada, and played at such festivals as South by Southwest. The band was named one of the "10 Canadian bands destined to break in 2010" by the CBC, and Chart called the band the best of the 2010 Canadian Music Week festival.

Download the show here:!download|783p3|4197340405|YB_%20Denver_%20Larimer%20Lounge_%20October%2012_%202012.rar|106531|0|0

Considering how small the Larimer Lounge is and the sparse attendance this Thursday evening, I was able to find a place in front of the stage within arms length of Haley Mary.  It was as though she were performing just for me.  Both a beautiful voice and dancer.  It was maybe the best spot to watch in the house, but not so good for recording considering the speaker for Haley was directly overhead projecting her voice towards the back of the room.  But I wasn't there for the taping, but for the performance.  All the band members are good performers and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Hope they come back again.

This is part of a review from their show in Glasgow, UK early in 2012:

The Jezabels start off proceedings with 'Nobody Nowhere' from their most recent album and instantaneously it's clear why they have gone for the ‘Prisoner' theme. From the outset this song bursts with intensifying danger and uncontrollable angst which is owed to the speed and immediacy of the opening drums and guitar riff. Couple this together with Hayley's flawless vocals and you've got the perfect start to the night.

Ms Mary is the ultimate frontwoman; she's sassy, fashionable, full of energy, and more importantly she's got a voice that could stop people in their tracks. Her vocal range is mind-blowing; there's not one note that this lady can't withstand. Her voice at times has the upper octaves of Kate Bush, the gravelly edge of Chrissie Hynde and the soul of Siouxsie Sioux.

Read it all here:

Download it here:!download|984p9|3878393148|Denver_%20Larimer%20Lounge_%20October%2012_%202012.rar|156527|0|0

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