Monday, January 21, 2013


I was inspired to began this blog back in February 2008 following my seeing Van Halen perform in Portland OR and then here in Denver CO, beginning a serious time of downloading and listening to live concert recordings which persisted for the last 5 years.  At the time I thought it would be fun using the blog to record my musical adventures during what I anticipated tom be a "year of Van Halen."  Well one stretched into two, three and then five.  This period was was unlike any other in my life, music being a constant feature, either live shows or the virtual concerts that mark almost every weekend.  But like all phases in my life, which may last anywhere between 3 to 5 years in length, a time comes for me to search for something new.  That does not mean the music stops (in fact, the next couple months are packed with live shows), it just means I am in search of something new to entertain and challenge me. 
After a long period of time posting to this blog, I found myself wondering whether it was becoming more a chore than a pleasure, something I felt I was obligated to maintain as opposed to wanting to do.  And the time, although it might have been once a week, began adding up and took me away from other things.  So with this posting I officially end the "year of Van Halen" and embark on something less ambitious.  Instead I will be using this blog to post the live shows I attend, sharing pictures and hopefully the music as well.  In this regard, beginning next week and almost weekly thereafter I will be attending a bunch of shows by performers I have been wanting to see.  Check in periodically download the complete concerts of some old and new acts that are making their appearance in Denver.
The weekend virtual concerts continue outside with the truck speakers blaring into the night. I've even begun doing shows in the garage, projecting big images onto the white wall, playing live shows from DVDs hooked up to a stereo and big speakers.  That's a whole other experience.  There's a persistent smell of cigar smoke in the garage now.  The music playing is mostly the same, Van Halen, Nirvana, PiL, Echo and the Bunnymen, Sex Pistols and the doors, but it does include new bands like the Jezabels and Xylos. My preference at the moment is to find new and emotionally engaging music as well, which is why a number of the shows I will attend are of local/new bands.  Always looking for something to inspire!
What follow are pictures from the recent Eiseman Hut trip, a beautiful location atop the Vail valley. Earn our turns we did!  Here's an HD video of the weekend.


Fifty six years old
Like an Indian Summer
Coming to an end
In the hospital
Lay there while guests walk away
Flowers rotting death
Our slain young children
Outraged by senseless death and
When God won't fight back


phil said...

You have to do what you want to do. Look forward to your posts.Enjoy yourself.

Pil Head said...

Hi. You'll be missed. I've enjoyed learning & reading about your 'virtual' concerts- what a great idea. I hope you still send me the occasional email & pop over to my blog from time to time.
On a personal note Thank You for all the support you have given me, especially when the old blog died & MEGA BIG THANKS for the 2 x PIL gigs that you have added to mine ( and many others) collection.
I hope whatever your next project is, it will be as enjoyable as this one.

Best wishes always

PIL Head

volcano man said...

I'm not going completely away. Nor am I discontinuing my virtual concert weekends (Saturday night being the Sex Pistols Isle of Wight 2008 show, Friday night being the PiL DVD of their London April 2, 2012 show projected onto the wall 8 feet wide). I'm just choosing not to post every weekend, doing so becoming more chore than pleasure, a time sink that began to interfere with other priorities. I think you know what I mean. This coming weekend I begin a run of local concerts, starting with SUM 41, that I hope to bootleg and share on WHAT A TEMPER. I continue visiting your site looking for that PiL/SP fix. And of course, if/when PiL resume touring, I will be there to record and share with you and the other fans.