Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Thursday night at the Hi-Dive to see Broncho.  Loved their music going into the show, love it even more after seeing them live.  Nothing fancy, just ass-kicking good.

"Broncho, from Oklahoma, play a kind of nonchalant, grimy garage punk that might be more closely aligned with Bushwick or San Francisco. Theirs is a sound that is easily digested, infinitely catchy, and tailored perfectly to the limited attention spans of well air-conditioned summer crowds. This night at Glasslands gave the band an opportunity to run rapid-fire through another after another of two-minute burners, each with a ready-made hook and a sarcastic wit. Songs like “I Don’t Really Want to be Social”, “Try Me Out Sometime” and “Can’t Get Past the Lips” were among the highlights of this set, which focused on material from the band’s 2011 debut, Can’t Get Past the Lips. This was a high-energy set start to finish, punctuated by the yelps of lead vocalist Ryan Lindsey."

Read it here and grab a second show while you are at it:

Download the show here:


The show ended around 1 AM after which I hopped in the truck and drove west into the mountains and parked it in the lot at Copper Mountain,.  In bed by 3 AM, up at 7 AM.  I met a group of people there a little later in the morning and we skinned up to Janet's hut for the night.  The following day we climbed over Machine Gun Ridge and then down to the Fowler Hilliard Hut where we spent a couple nights skiing the fresh snow that had fallen.  Great tree skiing.  The skin up the the ridge was a bit hazardous considering that there were large pillows of wind blown snow on the east side, as demonstrated by several large avalanches along its entire length.  We found the sweet spot up and over.  This was the third and last hut trip of the season.  We got one reserved already for next year.  Can't wait!

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