Sunday, June 30, 2013


Friday evening radio personalaties Slacker and Steve with Alice 105.5 hosted the Plain White T's to a short acoustic performance on the outdoor rooftop patio at The Tavern in downtown Denver.  Not all the band was in attendance, this show meant to be a warmup to their upcoming tour in July, with two shows scheduled in Coloraod for early August, just as I'm on my way back from Lollapalloza.  I decided to attend this evening simply because I like their music and it was a free event.

The place was packed, but mostly with these young girls, some of whom just couldn't stop talking.  Being the only guy anywhere near the stage, they probably saw me as the dirty old man.  One woman who saw me fiddling with the digital audio recorder thought I was scanning and stealing credit card information.  Between all the chatty gals and the crappy speaker system, the audio recording is not much to brag about.  I guess the only positive outcome of the event is that I did get to hear their music and continue testing the capabalities and use of the new microphone.  Since it was free, I have no reason to complain.

Download the show here:

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