Sunday, August 25, 2013


Baroness is touring the country and one of their stops was here in Denver, headlining the night at the Bluebird Theater. 

Another killer show! Not much to say about the opening act, but Baroness knocked it out of the park! The audience really appreciated the performance and the band reciprocated by playing an extra long set. I met John, the band leader, outside before the show while I was having a cigar and commented on their enthusiasm at Lollapalloza, hoping to see the same tonight. I met him again after the show and personally thanked him for the great performance. I wish I met Peter because he's a phenomenal guitarist.  I am mesmerized while I watch him play.  But he's very modest, always letting the audience know who's the man, frequently turning and pointing to John.

Since it was a weekday night, I biked to the theater and peddled back to the area of the office after the show, choosing to sleep under the cottonwoods beside the creek.  When I woke up the next morning I noticed that my hiding spot has been discovered, with someone else having slept nearby in the past, cardboard and plastic covering a patch of the ground.  Didn't know that the night of the show because my flashlight had burned out and I made my way in the dark.  I was lucky I dd not stumble on someone in that  darkness.

Download the whole show here:

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