Saturday, December 28, 2013


I flew in from Naples and waited for my daughters arrival from Florence.  I got a scare when she failed to show up at the anticipated time.  Turns out it was miscommunication, she was waiting for me in the baggage claim area in a secure part of the terminal where the general public was not allowed (I flew into a different terminal).

The Royal Norfolk Hotel at Paddington station is just as I remembered it, a funky, somewhat dilapidated hotel with tiny rooms.  But it works considering it's only meant for sleeping.

Went to see Ranking Roger and The Beat that first night in London.  Excellent.

The train ride through the English country side to Liverpool.  We caught an earlier train than the one I reserved, so we got into Lime Street Station an hour earlier.

We toured the waterfront along the River Mersey, spending most of the time at the Liverpool Museum, with a required walk down Mathew Street.

Got to the theater early and stood near the head of the line, entertained by the crowd of girls who were waiting to get into the theater to see the Valentine Brothers.  Pounding the doors to get in to be with their heart throbs.

The Probes were the opening act, with early 80's influences, including the Bunnymen.  They sounded great and put me in the mood for what was to come.

The Bunnymen were phenomenal, rousing the crowd into one big sing along all night long.  Two new songs off of an album to be released...soon?  We had front row seat, the barricade offering an anchor against the swaying crowd pushing from behind.  Loud, very loud audience.

Hanging out near the stage door exit.  Before exiting the building I met Peasy and told him to have the band come to the US in 2014.  Spent some time with The Probes, a local band hoping to release their first EP.  Told them to make the trip to America.  The Bunnymen came out one by one, greeting them with complements on their performance.  Caught Ian as he hopped in a waiting vehicle, getting a smile out of him when I said his music put me in heaven.  Very surprised when Gordy greeted me by name.  Will was last to exit, informing me of the fact a few of them were heading over to the Grapes bar, "near the bombed out church."  I've been in Liverpool long enough to know exactly where that was.  I made the point very clear that they should tour in the US next year.

Spent a little time at the Grapes bar, speaking to Gordy and several fans of the band.  Interesting conversation.  While distracted, Will slipped out and was gone.

Another early train ride, but this time back to London, sitting in a car with a bunch of guys, one of whom walked on with a big plastic bag of bottled beer, cracking them open at 10:30 in the morning.  Must have been a good game they watched the day before.

Time in London was limited, visiting a print/water color gallery and the TATE Modern along the River Thames.  Dinner at an Indian food restaurant and then back to the hotel to repack our bags in anticipation of an early flight out of Heathrow the following morning.

Hanging out at the airport waiting for the flight.  I felt like I was in a shopping mall with all the stores around.

Flew over Greenland, blue shadowed peaks rising above the smooth ice cap, yellow sunlight reflecting off the water in the fiord's on the west coast.

Frigid temps in Chicago, the snow just beginning to come down.  Concerned as they deiced the plane while the snow only kept increasing in intensity.  Visions of a skidding airplane as it attempted to climb off a slick runway.

We return home in Denver, the excitement is over, back to reality, resuming an ordinary life, but only after a good nights rest.

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Anonymous said...

The Bunnymen are heavily featured in a darkly comic new book called Drowning in the Shallow End by Charlie Mellor. It’s the story of two obsessive Bunnymen fans who share a growing obsession with getting stoned.

Sonchey said...

lovin your english beat posts.
anychance you could re up the files?

volcano man said...

Are you needing all six with dead links? Any in particular? I'll start with the Colorado shows. Please keep in mind it may take a little while considering there are so many other compeating demands on my time. Thanks for showing an interest in the band!