Tuesday, May 20, 2014


After seeing them at Coachella, I had no choice but to see their high energy act when they scheduled a tour stop at the Ogden Theater here in Denver.  It was great because they performed before a sold out show this Saturday night, I not having to worry about being anywhere in particular the following day.  If I slept in the back of the truck after the show, that's no problem.

The opening act was J. Roddy Walston and the Business form Tennessee followed by the Oxford, England’s Foals.  Both very good, getting the audience pumped up for the headliner this evening.  The crowd surfing began early and peaked when Cage The Elephant were on stage, Matt Schultz throwing himself into the audience to both stand up atop the crowd as well as do a head stand.  I got exhausted just watching him run around all over the stage!  It was a fabulous show, with great songs and great vibes, making this band one of my new favorites at the moment.

Reverb writes:

If “whoa” best described the astonished reaction of Foals’ set, Kentucky’s Cage the Elephant had a ton of people yelling “wooooh!” Hitting their mark early and playing to their crowd, they quickly claimed the stage.

Like the previous two acts, CtE loves to play live. Songs from the band’s 2013 release, “Melophobia” came fast and frequent — the dancing, head bopping crowd roared its approval after each number. With a crowd-friendly live show, an equally crowd-friendly showman (singer Matt Schultz), the band had the Ogden Theatre eating out of its hands for favorites like “Take It or Leave It” and the 2008 breakthrough, “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked.”

Read it here, along with the pictures:

Here's my short video from the show paired up with the audio:

Download the whole show here (audio):

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