Thursday, June 12, 2014


We went to LA for the purpose of visiting a school my daughter is considering going to, visiting several art museums and attending a postponed performance by The Jezebels at the El Ray Theater.  They were originally supposed to put on a show at that theater back in March but, I was told by one of the roadies unloading their equipment earlier in the day that the show was cancelled due to visa issues when trying to enter the US after their European tour.  During this trip we also saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Club Nokia and WASI (We Are, She Is) at a bar near the hotel.

Beautiful SoCal weather, lots of walking, riding the bus and trains, and the usual collection of broken street people to either entertain or sadden us.  A big show at the Museum of Contemporary Art for the deceased artist Mike Kelley.  My daughter found it disturbing, I saw it as thought provoking and at times funny.  Our return flight was delayed for two hours because of severe weather in Denver, expecting a nerve rattling turbulent flight back but it was not so bad, the weather having moved onto the eastern plains.

A good performance by The Jezebels.  My only disappointment is that they focused on their newer songs and did not bother to play some of what I think are their "classic" songs from early on.  Shouted requests were ignored.  The performance lasted a little over an hour.  Had we not had other reasons to go to LA I might have chosen not to make the trip for this show alone, considering the time and money involved.

The following is a video shot that evening, using the better quality audio of the bootleg recording.


Download the audio for the entire show here:

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