Sunday, August 10, 2014


After seeing Foster The People's live show at Coachella 2014 via live stream, I realized how much I like their sound and made a commitment to see them next time they passed through the Denver area.  That opportunity came up soon enough when they announced their upcoming show at Red Rocks Amphitheater.  They performed on August 6th only a few days after having played in Chicago at Lollapalooza before 30 or 40 thousand people, which I also live streamed.

We depart work a little early in an effort to get to Red Rocks before the doors opened, wanting to get a good general admission seat near the stage.  As we stood in line in the parking lot a brief rain shower passed through, dropping large rain drops backlit by the sun over the foothills.  Not enough to get wet, more of an interest because one could literally watch individual drops fall from high up.

We found a seat near the sound booth with a clear view of the stage.   Two bands opened up for Foster The People.  The first was the Swedish band NoNoNo followed by Swedish indie pop band Lykke Li (subject of a future post?).  I enjoyed both who kept the audience entertained while we waited for Mark Foster and his band to take the stage.

A beautiful evening with a cooling breeze.  I was in a good mood by the time Foster The People took the staged for an hour and a half and rocked the house.  Each of the bands commented on their appreciation at performing in this famed music venue.  Even with a bum knee and sore foot, I was on my feet the whole time.  I'm already waiting for them to swing through Denver on their next tour!

The wife was the designated driver and we make it back home after midnight.  I was dragging at the office the following day, not a big deal since I was in an all day meeting where all one had to do was sit and listen.

Reverb writes:

Lead singer, guitarist Mark Foster is clearly the star of Foster the People. The band was solid and played the material they had, quite well. Still, to me, FTP’s best songs sounded like some far more original band’s weaker songs. Good, just not anything you’d wanna rush back to hear.

The crowd “woo’d” at the appropriate parts of most of Foster the People’s glossy, slick, overproduced-to-please songs. But by the 40-minute mark, some attention spans were being stretched. Many of the crowd, who earlier on, seemed to be saving their energy during Lykke Li’s set, were evidently saving it for “Pumped Up Kicks.”

After a heartfelt “We remember where we were at back then, playing Red Rocks two years ago during the Colorado fires” Thank You address to the crowd (Foster didn’t talk much to the audience) they encored shortly after with, what else?

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