Saturday, November 1, 2014


I was pumped up knowing I'd get to see Broncho again at the Larimer Lounge in Denver this October evening.  I arrived just as the band was setting up and sound checking their equipment on stage, enough time to have a drink while enjoying a preview of what was to come.  Once the stage area become available for general public access, I went back to say hello to Ryan.  I gave him a bottle of fine whiskey I bought the day before, feeling bad when I could not come through with buying a bottle from the bartender at The Moon Room earlier in the year for not having enough cash.  He remembered that evening and thanked me for the gift.

The Low Litas, who opened for Broncho are temporarily part of the band as Broncho's bass player has departed.  And Broncho's drummer, Nathan, is the Low Litas drummer until they find a replacement.  Resources are being shared supporting one another.  Spent a lot of time with Nathan who stepped outside to talk to the bar patrons.

Right before Broncho took the stage I stuck my head in the back room door where Ryan is with the two gals from the Low Litas, waving me in to join them smoking a doobbie.  I declined the smoke because I was already cruising at a high altitude on the tequila alone.  We talked again for a bit and I probably delayed them taking the stage in front of an enthusiastic audience.

They really rocked the house.  They played several new songs which departed from their old fast paced style.  I understand the need to branch out and try something new or else they will live a short life like so many other punk bands.

Offered many words of encouragement, and I and others were excited at their opportunity at opening for Billy Idol later this year and next year.  More exposure means an opportunity to build a bigger audience base.  I'm all for it.  Ryan's expecting to see me at the Paramount in February!

I bought and they autographed an album for me!

In "bed" in the back of the truck by 1 AM.

Reverb had identified Broncho as one of several bands to see that week, describing them as:

At first glance, you’d think that BRONCHO is some horrible, horrible hybrid of “bro and macho.” You picture beer bongs, arm wrestling, fist pumping competitions, etc. In reality, the band makes delightfully fuzzy pop music characterized by addictive “do-do-do-dos” and “oh-oh-oh-ohs.” The band released its sophomore album, “Just Enough Hip To Be Woman,” last month and plays Denver’s Larimer Lounge on Oct. 21.

Download the audio from the show here:

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