Sunday, May 25, 2008


The rest of the family drove up to Wyoming early in the day to spend the Memorial Day weekend with the in-laws, leaving me behind to prep and stain the interior trim and wood framed windows installed last year. Having gotten to bed late the night before and waking early with the preparation of their departure left me with little sleep, especially since the shoulder bugged me all night. I bounced back over the course of the day and was ready to party by the time sunset arrived.

That large open field down the road is turning out to be a favorite party area because of the wide open views of the sky, mountains, the lights of Denver and no one around to disturb. Thoughts of my severely ill coworker intruded on the positive vibes these concerts bring. Couldn't help but think about the shitty deal fate has handed her.

Mountain silhouette
Orange, apple green and blue
Black clouds hang above

One day at a time
Trapped by fates chance circumstance
Sees no tomorrow

Tonight's concert, "Martial Law", was recorded at the Spectrum in Philadelphia on July 21, 1981 during their Fair Warning Tour. Its a great audience recording, the cheering alone capable of blowing out the speakers. You can almost listen in on the conversations going on nearby. There were a few times I caught myself looking around me wondering whether someone snuck up on me out in the darkness of the open field, only turning out to be chatter from the audience on this bootleg. The band is hot and contrasts dramatically from the 2004 recording the previous night. I went back to the DLR era of Van Halen in anticipation of seeing the guys six nights from from now, with no opportunity to have one of these virtual concerts between now and then. That event is coming up real fast.
With regard to the Fair Warning Tour, the Van Halen Encyclopedia says:
"The "Bounty System" was yet another creative backstage pass idea concocted by Roth. For every show, each roadie was given a number of passes with his initials marked on them. The overall concept was quite simple: every female fan who spent "time" with the vocalist that evening wearing a pass with initials on it, earned the appropriate roadie a monetary reward, normally in the amount of $25 per pass."

I ended the evening by coming home and watching a short DVD of Van Halen's August 1995 show at the Molson Ampitheater in Toronto, with Sammy as lead vocalist. Who knows what time it was when I dropped into bed.

Rock-n-roll party
Work the crowd from their lit stage
Drinking on the job

Youths raw energy
Only get better with time
Best is yet to come

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