Saturday, May 17, 2008

TEARS OF JOY AND SORROW says "According to the latest issue of Game Informer, VAN HALEN, THE EAGLES, LINKIN PARK and SUBLIME have been confirmed for the fourth installment of the Guitar Hero video game, with developer Neversoft confirming master tracks shall be used for all available songs." Well three out of four ain't bad, take the Eagles out and you've got the music I can really groove to!

Air guitar heros
Try to mimic a legend
Are GameBoy lame boys

He knows his limits
Will not imitate Eddie
Rejects playing god
This Friday night's concert was tinged with sadness knowing that one of my coworkers was fighting for her life in a hospital bed following surgery to remove a cancerous brain tumor that suddenly made itself known when she suffered a stroke Wednesday night. She was young, hard working, very bright and fun to be with, her life now suddenly changed in an instant. The news was devastating. So the tears on my face this evening came from the sorrow of what she's going through and the joy of Eddies legendary guitar playing on this 5150 tour bootleg.

Since I was in a mood to really crank up the truck stereo, I drove to a nearby subdivision that has yet to have any homes built, consisting of paved roads running across grassy rolling hills. Uninterrupted views of the night sky, clouds drifting across a nearly full moon, the bigger and darker ones dropping scattered rain drops. No one nearby to disturb with my loud music.

This Van Halen concert took place at the Montreal Forum in Quebec on August 20, 1986 during their 5150 tour. The quality of the bootleg was not the best, Sammy's rapping with the audience being almost impossible to understand. But the music was what it was, my familiarity with it boosted by the tequila made for a rocking evening. Hits off the 5150 album mixed up with some of Van Halen's DLR era classics. I was flying by the time this 2 CD set came to an end, sometime after midnight.

The stereo shut down just as the last song was playing, indicating the battery was drained. By rocking the truck I was able to get it rolling down a gentle incline and I popped the clutch and got the engine going. Stopped and then played the last song even louder than before. When I tried starting the truck again, it refused to turn over, so I popped the clutch a second time and made my way back home. I had drained the entire flask this evening and felt it the following morning, especially since my right arm kept me awake and refused to let me sleep beyond 6:30 AM. Breakfast and a strong cup of coffee helped clear the cobwebs.

The night skies patchwork
Clouds drift across the moons face
Mark the march of time

Moons glow shines brightly
Framed by clouds pearly halo
Drift silently by

Download the music
Silver disc reflects moons light
Echos from the past

Night skies soft shower
Clouds shadow hides the warm tears
Raindrops on his face

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