Saturday, November 8, 2008


An event filled week is now behind us, the most important being the election of a new President. Tuesday night was a very emotional experience. As a child I recall the Nixon/Kennedy presidential debates, Kennedy’s election and his untimely death. Even a kid in kindergarten/early elementary school could sense the hope and new vision that this youthful president brought to a country threatened with nuclear conflict during the height of the Cold War. Those same feelings welled up within me during this election, wanting us to emerge from the "Cold War" waged upon us by our own arrogant and deaf administration, lead by a spoiled rich kid, who’s only goal appeared to be engaging the world in a perpetual war and plundering the US Treasury. Let’s celebrate, ding, dong the witch is dead.

There is now an expectation that President elect Obama will try to correct the last eight long years of a disastrous leadership under the Bush administration and take this country in a new and prosperous direction. Pray for his success because we are all in the same boat and we’ll either sink or swim together.

Like nineteen sixty
Man embodies hopes spirit
Tears streak upturned faces

New dawn breaking
Brilliant sun renews the land
Steps out from the light

I went to see "The Pact" by the guys of Powderwhore, a ski flick for telemark skiers. The guys who run this production are out of Salt Lake city and the deep powder shots are mostly of the Wasatch Mountains nearby. Had dinner with the guys and then beers at the Oriental Theater before the movie came on. A really packed house, standing room only. It’s great to get pumped up in anticipation of the new ski season with a bunch of other like-minded skiers. Woopin’ and hollerin’ all nightlong!

Drove back home from the theater and immediately found my parking spot on the prairie, cracked open the flask and popped in the CD to fill the night air with the sounds of Van Halen from nearly thirty years ago. My choice for the evening was their live show from the Selland Arena in Fresno, CA on March 25, 1979. The recording is from a soundboard and is excellent! It's their first night of their second worldwide tour, also referred to as their "World Vacation" tour. This tour began on the same day they released their new Van Halen II album. Dave was in high spirits and rappin' with the audience throughout the show.

According to the Van Halen Encyclopedia:

"Alex was now regularly lighting his drum kit on fire. Just before the final encore each night, lighter fluid was applied to all of his drumheads. His drum tech would then hand him a pair of mallets soaked in fluid and lit. The effect was nothing short of spectacular. One night, however, a little too much fluid was used and Alex lit himself on fire. The effect was retired by tour's end."

Was bitterly cold outside, having to bundle up in two light weight jackets while standing outside grooving to the music. Was back home and in bed by sometime after 1AM.

Clouds caress the moon
Pearly veil around her face
Watches silently

Thirty years ago
Their music now long grown cold
Like autumns night air

On his pedestal
"Give me a little beat Al"
A blur of drumsticks

Lone woman screaming
Adoring her stage idol
Youthful exuberance

Waves of frigid air
Jet stream's rows of moon lit clouds
Ripples in the sky

Journey at an end
Contacts the high atmosphere
Streaks across nights sky

Download the show here:

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