Sunday, November 23, 2008


I just stepped in from a chilly, starry night.

Finally carved up the Ponderosa pine that I cut down last weekend. Even with a chainsaw, it was long hard work cutting through the nearly two foot diameter trunk down to a size that would fit into the fireplace when split. My weekends seem to be filled with mind numbing chores, just what I need to exorcise the crap that fills my head after a full week at work.

I skipped doing a concert Saturday because I wanted a good nights sleep, free from an alcohol buzz. But the craving grew and I am weak. I broke down and pulled out VH's 5150 album "leftovers", a collection of sound checks, rehearsals and a few cover tunes they played back in 1986. Lots of Eddie jamming and Sammy chatting with the band and roadies. The audio quality varies from section to section, but overall is pretty good. It was made better with a small bit of tequila and a cigar. Dancing in the darkness of my driveway.

Lives ruined by crack
Wino begs for the bottle
Mine is Van Halen

They've all come to hear
Entranced without a whisper
Lets his guitar sing

Come and get it:

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