Saturday, February 21, 2009


A short work week filled with frustrations and mini crises, making the arrival of Friday night most welcome. I had an invitation to join a small group on a ski trip to the Indian Peaks Wilderness, overnighting in an igloo, but I had other things I needed to get done this weekend. Plus next weekend I go on another three day hut trip above Aspen.

A front moved through earlier in the evening, dropping both the temperature and a couple inches of snow. Very light crystalline snow that would billow into a cloud of white when blown on.

Once again reaching back to the early years I picked the bootleg CD "Slummin' It!" from the collection. Although the cover says that some of the recordings were taped at Pasadena High, the belief is that the tracks are from various shows from 1976 & 77, including the Starwood on June 3, 1976, the Whisky on Dec 31, 1977 and the Starwood Club on June 12, 1976. The quality was fairly good and the set list included some of their earlier unreleased works.

A good rockin' warm up show, putting me in the mood for round 2 to follow.

Clouds shed their white load
Flakes fall gently from night sky
Drift past lit window

High school party band
Played during his far off youth
Sounds he wished he heard

Captured by their sun
Drawn deep into its tight grip
Fears his sure burnout
Download it here:

Many thanks to the VH Bootleg site that can be found at:
Act Two for the evening was spent with The Killers, their November 2, 2007 show at the Buenos Aires Yeah Festival. Good quality recording with a typical setlist of all the favorite songs. The crowd is definitely into it, with almost every other song played greeted with soccer stadium-like chanting.

Rolled into bed by 1 AM.

Endless twists and turns
All so unpredictable
Life's river is wild

Transports out of sight
Scotty's machine is broken
He's lost in the past

Songs voice calling out
Message echos through the crowd
Drawn in by the heart

Download it here:

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