Sunday, February 22, 2009


Putzed around the house all day Saturday, enjoying not having to do anything of importance. I did spend a considerable amount of time hunting on the Internet, succeeding in rooting out nine new, high quality bootleg concerts for Echo & The Bunnymen. That primed me for what I was to select for this evenings show.

First up was Van Halen's April 20, 1998 show at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Australia. This was a truncated version of that show, a compilation of someones idea of what were the best songs played that evening. Strangely enough, it was a mix of stereo and mono sound, making me wonder what this bastard of a recording really was. What got me most was that Ed's solo in "Year To The Day" was really short, leaving out the 316/Cathedral/Eruption combo which to me is the highlight of the show. Looking at my collection this morning I'm now wondering whether I even have the full show from that evening, which is a great sounding recording. Perhaps I'll put getting this show on my wish list.

Step on their footprints
A nation of assassins
Send out the soldiers

Live right besides us
Alien civilization
Ants climb up the wall

Sense filled riot ends
Eyes open to the darkness
Eternal silence

The part of the evening I waited for was listening to an excellent soundboard recording of Echo & The Bunnymen, their appearance at the Crossing Border Festival in Amsterdam on November 26, 2001. Even this late in the game Ian's voice was like silk when he sang, although I found it impossible to understand a word he said when he spoke in between songs, that heavy Liverpool accent making it sound like a foreign language. A fantastic show with all of their best material, the band performing flawlessly. This one may be hard to beat.

Like a soft caress
A sensual voice that beckons
Lures us into love

Masters of the art
The one relies on his voice
Six strings the other

Our everyday lives
Seemingly random actions
Ruled by emotions

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