Saturday, March 28, 2009


The morning and early afternoon were spent relaxing in the hot spring pool, hoping the winter storm would have passed out of the mountains and Denver area for the drive back. Relaxing warm water with the air temperature just slightly above freezing. Lunch at the brewpub. Back on the highway to relatively dry roads, making it safely back by the late afternoon. I learned later that evening that a spot of cancer was found on the liver of my friend John, who has already undergone several treatments/surgeries for this disease, including his liver several years ago. Not good news.

Friday nights show happened just outside the front door in the new snow that had fallen while we were in Glenwood. It was Van Halen's June 23, 2004 show at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This was their second night at this venue, hence the reference to being "slightly" hung over from the night before. To change the show for this evening Sammy claims to have had a few additional cocktails before coming on stage, supplemented by a bit of herb from a "tight one".
A good audience recording but there is a lot cheering/talking going on around the taper. The whole band appeared to be performing well, including Eddie. Young Wolfgang Van Halen came out for his bit during 316, Sammy correctly noting that he's the future of Van Halen. An enjoyable 2 hour show.

Clock has been reset
The children have time to spare
Mine is running out

Baton has been passed
Their long race is before them
While mine is over

Cells in rebellion
Enemy that lies within
Battles with himself

Hidden deep within
Microscopic monsters thrive
Takes friends, one by one

Message from the band
Music that can only please
Crowd reacts as one

That which feels so good
Wishes for what cannot be
To last forever

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