Saturday, April 25, 2009


This week I was informed of some upcoming concerts scheduled for this summer at Red Rocks Amphitheater in the Denver foothills. The Killers, September 9th, tickets going on sale this Friday the 24th. Dropped in at a Ticketmaster outlet during lunch and picked up several, enough to take the whole family. It will be an experience that cannot be missed.

In celebration of another planned live concert, I decided to pull out a bootleg recording of The Killers live show at Enmore Theater in Sydney, Australia on December 18th, 2004. An excellent recording of the band when they were on tour following the release of their first album Hot Fuss in June 2004. Short set but well done. It got me rocking.

Failing hearts lament
Youth a distant memory
Measures every breath

Seemed so far away
Pushed into the minds corner
Stands there besides us

Dark stranger arrives
Extends a hand before us
No where else to run

Download it here:
The second half of the show in the darkness in front of the house was Echo & The Bunnymen, live at the Mercury Lounge in New York on May 18, 1997. Another excellent recording. Ian's accent while talking in between songs is so thick that I doubt anyone in the New York audience understood a word he said. Although his voice is not as silky as it was back in the day, he sung beautifully, well enough to put me in the "zone".

Evergreen is the seventh studio album by the band, their first album since reforming after they disbanded in 1988/1993. The recording of Evergreen started at the beginning of 1997. The live debut of "Nothing Lasts Forever" was at the Cream nightclub in Liverpool in early May 1997 at Echo & the Bunnymen's first concert since reforming. This was followed by two sold-out concerts at the Mercury Lounge in New York and a number of festival appearances in the US, UK and Europe before Evergreen was released on 14 July 1997 by London Records.

So ethereal
Sound that's intoxicating
Cupped hands hold his heart

The anchor is lost
Rare flashes of clarity
At music's mercy

Download it here:

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