Sunday, April 19, 2009


The storm resumed over night and dawn brought heavy snowfall, both on the ground and falling out of the sky. Big fat flakes. The snow continued all day long, ceasing sometime after dark.

The wet spring snow lay thick on the branches of the pine trees, causing them to droop and lean menacingly towards the house. I noticed a couple limbs had already come down. In an effort to knock some of the snow off the trees leaning towards the house, I took out the 12 gauge shotgun and fired at the tree tops. The buck shot peppered the snow pillows, dislodging little snow. I had fun trying anyway. Fortunately later in the day a wind knocked much of the weight off the trees, followed by warmth that accelerated the melting. The big trees made it through the storm without damage.

The power went out late in the morning. Towards the end of the afternoon I lit a fire to add some warmth to a gradually cooling house. I periodically drove the truck around the driveway, packing down the snow to ensure access to the street could be maintained. The power came back on after dark, bringing the adventure to an end. The late return of power coupled with my unwillingness to depart with a fire burning cinched the decision to not leave that night and go skiing the following day. Ski season is definitely over.

Thick snowflakes falling
A deep blanket of white
Trees bow to the sky

News from the war front
Grim reports for families
Lives dripping away

I initially was not planning a concert party this Saturday evening, wanting to give the liver a break. However, late in the night I checked my stack of CDs and noticed that I had a 2008 Van Halen show from almost exactly a year ago. After a nearly 2 month break for unspecified reasons, the band was back on tour, resuming their grinding schedule on April 17, 2008 in Reno, NV. Tonight's show was a few nights later, held on April 22, 2008 at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH. Very good audience recording that captures the whole show, the one they've been repeating throughout the tour. Everyone performs well, although the sense I have is that the band is going through the motions, Eddie's performance somewhat lackluster. But I enjoyed it anyway and stood outside for the whole two hours, the mild evening making that possible. Breaks in the clouds revealed the stars. In bed by 1:30 AM, ears ringing.

The booze is flowing
Their friends have all assembled
Party with the band

They're in the drivers seat
Music keeps us in high gear
Burning minds rubber

Eddie's on the stage
Can move at only one speed
Fast and furious

Toes the minds thin line
Peers over the darkest edge
Stands between two worlds

Download it here:

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