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Another week slips by. The wife's in Wyoming, I'm in charge of the kids. Last week of school for them, summer vacation begins. My enslavement to the house renovation project persists, trying to squeeze in an hour or more of work time after dinners on weekdays. I now look forward to the weekends for two reasons: to get in some good hours working on the siding project and the Friday night concerts. Friday night and its time to play.

Dressed in three piece suits
Sadists have something to share
Our gift of torture

We learned from the best
The Spanish Inquisition
Modern day Middle Age

First up is Nirvana, Aqua Seafoam Shame, a live recording of their December 14, 1993 show at the Center Arena in Seattle, WA. This show was part of Nirvana's first American tour in two years to promote their third and final studio album, In Utero. An excellent soundboard recording. You listen to this stuff and you can't help but rock to the beat. Although I enjoyed it, this show seemed to be a bit over produced, lacking the "crispness" of the 1991 show I listened to last weekend. As a result, I've found and downloaded several other earlier shows, hoping to capture their sound when they were on a fast rise to national stardom.

The following was clipped from "GOONIES BE DAMAGED" (

In Utero was released in September of 1993 to positive reviews and strong initial sales, debuting at the top of the U.S. and U.K. charts. Nirvana supported it with a fall American tour, hiring former Germs member Pat Smear as an auxiliary guitarist. While the album and the tour were both successful, sales weren't quite as strong as expected, with several shows not selling out until the week of the concert. As a result, the group agreed to play MTV's acoustic Unplugged show at the end of the year, and sales of In Utero picked up after its December airing. After wrapping up the U.S. tour on January 8, 1994, with a show at Center Arena in Seattle, Nirvana embarked on a European tour in February. Following a concert in Munich on February 29, Cobain stayed in Rome to vacation with Love. On March 4, she awakened to find that Cobain had attempted suicide by overdosing on the tranquilizer Rohypnol and drinking champagne. While the attempt was initially reported as an accidental overdose, it was known within the Nirvana camp that the vocalist had left behind a suicide note.

Cobain returned to Seattle within a week of his hospitalization and his mental illness began to grow. On March 18, the police had to again talk the singer out of suicide after he locked himself in a room threatening to kill himself. Love and Nirvana's management organized an intervention program that resulted in Cobain's admission to the Exodus Recovery Center in L.A. on March 30, but he escaped from the clinic on April 1, returning to Seattle. His mother filed a missing persons report on April 4. The following day, Cobain shot himself in the head at his Seattle home. His body wasn't discovered until April 8, when an electrician contracted to install an alarm system at the Cobain house stumbled upon the body. After his death, Kurt Cobain was quickly anointed as a spokesman for Generation X, as well as a symbol of its tortured angst.

Drawn out of thin air
The sound of inspiration
Put into our heads

Cool spring evening
Scent of lilac in the air
Clouds vail on the moon

Eyes are upon them
Intense pressure to produce
Successes failure

A rapid ascent
To touch the high pinnacle
Only to fall down

Fills the nighttime air
Distant cosmic static and
Organized chaos

Barriers are down
He has been set free to fly
Drifts among the stars

Download it here:

The highlight of the evening was Echo & The Bunnymen, their live performance in San Diego, CA on December 9, 2005 September. This is the fourth live "House of Blues" album they released, recordings of shows performed in California in December 2005. Naturally, a great quality recording. Ian's voice is a bit rough sounding, the smooth crooning probably lost to the ever present cigarette.

This show was part of their world tour in support of their studio album, Siberia, released on September 19, 2005. They started the tour in Europe before embarking on a 16-date North American leg. "The band we've got around us now are the closest to the old Bunnymen we've ever had," frontman Ian McCulloch said in a statement to press. "Not that we've intentionally set out to capture the past in any way. I think I'd been trying to get away from the approach of 'Heaven Up Here' or 'Porcupine' where a lot of the songs were based on a single note, or a pulse even."

Friday night's twilight
Heavily lubricated
Slips into the zone

Plastic in his hand
Loose fingers unscrew the cap
Taken far away

Exclaim victory
Their distant voices singing
Coyote pack howling

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