Sunday, May 17, 2009


After a late night, I once again had to wake up early for the purpose of driving up to Wyoming with the family to visit the in-laws. A fast trip and back for the purpose of visiting with my wife's dad who is experiencing severe health problems. For once, I drove up as a passenger, mostly because I was groggy from the night before. I was able to sleep for a bit, cutting out an hour and a half of the nearly 5 hour drive by being unconscious. The day was spent hanging with the family, doing some maintenance on the riding mower, and rollerskating, during which time I fell on my face when my son cut directly across my path. The one elbow, knee and wrist are still sore. My first thought was "Oh shit, how's this going to f-up my shoulder right before I begin work on the house!"

After dark I stepped outside for a bit of drink and music, scent of refinery in the air. This Saturday night I brought along with me the May 18, 2008 Van Halen bootleg recording of their concert in Hershey, PA. Excellent audience recording of their classic 2008 show, with Dave throwing in a few extra bits here and there for the locals. Rock on I did with their great performance. In my opinion, the band seemed to perform noticeably better after they shut the tour down in February and returned in mid April. They came back refreshed and with more of a commitment to perform a little bit better for their fans?

When the show was over I returned indoors to a house where everyone was asleep for the night. I found my bed of sofa cushions on the living room floor. Returned to Denver the following afternoon. There goes the weekend.

Rude awakening
Blissful dream interrupted
Wakes to a tired world

Begins to collapse
Life's work coming to an end
Waits their helplessly

Travels through the night
Distance crossed in centuries
Silver points of light

Sunken and sallow
Sagging flesh draped on the bone
Sees eternity

Fast days are passing
Dreams extinguished one by one
The doors are closing

Run down little town
So soon to be forgotten
Wind will cease blowing

All just a dark blur
Having long since checked out
Peaks and then he falls

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