Monday, June 29, 2009


Slaved away on the house another Saturday, chugging water to stay hydrated. Another wall ripped off and measured. I'm working in zombie mode. The end of the day finds me on the roof enjoying the last rays of the sun, glad to have made it to the end, satisfied with what I've accomplished and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Tonight I was going for two short sets. First up was Weezer's gig in Paris, France on February 12, 1995, always referred to as "The Black Sessions". High quality recording with some of the best early songs. This was a radio broadcast so a Frenchman inserts himself in between each song announcing who's playing to the radio audience. This is one of the best sounding recordings of the band I have, the others being distant, muddy and/or with too much audience in the mix. This show was performed long after the release of their debut album (May 10, 1994) of this American alternative rock band, Weezer, often referred to as "The Blue Album". They only got better from this point on.

Nuclear fires rage
Burning silently above
White points in night sky

Download it here:

Next up was Van Halen appearing in the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto on August 19, 1995. Its a great soundboard quality recording. The only problem with it is that its an edited show with only ten songs out of the 17 or more played that evening. But it includes some of their best tunes, although Eddie's solo has been edited out. I no longer have the link for this particular recording, so I threw in the one posted on Guitars 101, identical in every way except it includes five more songs, the whole show being of slightly lower quality than the one I listened to.

I was hoping this would be a short night but that never proves to be the case when Van Halen is on stage. A beautiful night outside!

Shed the tears you cry
Hero's depart one by one
Replaced by mere shadows

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