Saturday, June 27, 2009


I can't believe how quickly the weeks are whipping by. It's the end of June, less than a month to the New York trip. I'm moving along on the house project faster than I was anticipating as well. More heavy thunderstorms swept through Denver this past week. One struck while at work, what seemed like hurricane force winds pelting the windows with torrential rain. People gathered at the windows to watch the parking lot flood. What they didn't expect was me sneaking up behind them with a cup of water that I hurled onto the glass above their heads, splashing them. A small taste of what was happening outside! My reputation grows.

Two American icons passed away the previous day. Three if you count Ed McMahon. Farrah Fawcett was a beauty who pranced on the television screen, a lustful dream of so many adolescent boys. Michael Jackson fed the air waves with pop music that everyone could dance to, bringing a nation, a world to its feet. Stardom is no protection against the inevitable.

Stepped away from us
To turn and face cold shadows
So far out of reach

Farrah has fallen
True American idol
Her beauty erased

Hides behind the mask
Sign of insecurity
A life of despair

Stardom forgotten
Lone battle just to survive
Watching her suffer

Like water flowing
Swept up in the strong current
Takes us to the end

Awash with talent
Drawn into the fire's spotlight
Victim of our love

Rush of a strong wind
Feels refreshing on our face
Passing through our world

The chill of the night
Feels so pleasant compared to
The cold that awaits

White light in our eyes
Passing from our memory
Record in a book

A flash in our eyes
Beginning always the end
How long can it last?

First up were The Pretenders, appearing in Detroit on April 7, 1984. They were on tour following the release of their third studio album, Learning To Crawl, on January 17, 1984. This album was released after a more than two-year hiatus during which time Pretenders members James Honeymean-Scott and Pete Farndon both died of drug overdoses. An excellent recording, enjoying every minute of the hour they were on stage.

I just found out The Pretenders will be performing here in Denver on August 22nd. I'm guessing Chrissie Hynde is the only original member to be playing these days. I've got to buy a ticket this weekend! There are so many good shows to see this summer.

Download it here:

The pattern these days is for Echo & The Bunnymen, my headliner for the night, to take the stage next. I went back to the beginning and listened to their first album, Crocodiles, the special edition with bonus tracks. A great collection of songs, end with one of my favorite at the end, Over The Wall.

The tequila and cigar combination were for some unknown reason especially potent this evening, kicking my butt really hard. A beautiful night with stars shining through passing clouds. Cool enough to require a jacket to prevent getting chilled. After bothering the computer playing kids with my stinky breath, I dropped into bed by 1:30 AM.

Saw the opening
Reached up and touched white hot stars
Once upon a time

End of the concert
Seeks inanimate support
His firm grip is lost

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