Saturday, August 22, 2009


Not only was it a Friday night, but the day before a concert to see another favorite band, The Pretenders. Not wanting to overdo it, I chose only one bootleg CD for the evening, a recent acquisition of a Van Halen III era concert. The first 8 tracks were recorded live in Sydney at the 10 Spot on April 20, 1998, the last 4 tracks recorded live in Melbourne, Australia on April 17, 1998. My evening started off with the last 4 tracks, a good audience recording in mono, to get in the groove, followed by closing the show with the first 8 tracks which were excellent quality and in stereo. Whoever created this bootleg recording messed with the sound, jacking up the volume every time the audience cheered, to a ear splitting volume.

Van Halen III era recordings are relatively rare so I look forward to any opportunity to acquire one. After seeing Gary Chereone/Extreme at the Ogden Theater last month, I could easily imagine him moving all over the stage.

This is the 3rd version of the Sydney show that I have, one of the best recordings from this era. None of my versions are of the entire show from beginning to end. Hoping that one day I find it.

Runs to the dark edge
Following the golden light
Laughing as he falls

Run from the giant
Crushed by monsters footsteps
Pain on small faces

Our youth sacrificed
In distant far off places
Hear the nation cry

Our shiny mirror
Hides a war not going well
Comfort that sedates

Curse of the insane
Distant leaders push their plan
"Lets try it once again?"

Lost so far from home
A piece of America
Soaks into the sand

The facade crumbles
No moral majority
White faces screaming

Clueless people yell
Clucking hysterically
Clandestine white fears

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