Friday, August 7, 2009


A day was spent visiting an old friend I've known since high school. It's becoming a tradition for us to watch David Lynch's 1997 surreal horror movie Eraserhead. Watching it for the first time is a shock, but with each viewing more attention can be spent trying to interpret the symbolism of events that make up this nightmarish movie. I returned to Long Island by train the following day.

It is also a tradition to spend at least one day visiting Manhattan, even though I'd much rather spend it relaxing on the beach. I took my son in to the city while my daughter went in with her cousin. She spent the day wandering Times Square and taking in a Broadway play. My son and I accomplished several different things: visited the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum located in the USS Intrepid, a 1943 air craft carrier docked on the Hudson River; visited the National Museum of the American Indian; had a relaxing ride on the Staten Island ferry; had a lite dinner at a restaurant in the South Street Seaport; walked midway across the Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy a cigar and the view during sunset. This last activity was fun, not only for the views of the surrounding city skyline, but it is a great place to people watch as a steady stream of people and bicyclists come out to also enjoy the warm summer evening.

After a day in the city I'm tired of it. The running around, all the people, the constant noise, the stinky air, and the heat. You can probably bake a pizza in the heat of the subway system, although the trains are comfortably air conditioned. Returned to our home base late that evening.

Jostling people
Wander the metropolis
Everyone alone

Youthful bravery
Lacks the lesson learned to late
That we all can die

Crows calling loudly
Pass overhead on their way
Flying through our lives

Sleep with the sorrow
Fondly dreams of the past
Wakes to loneliness

Big house by the lake
The family has long since gone
Rooms that lay empty

Another virtual concert late on a warm summer evening, the first being Van Halen's August 26/27,1986 show in New Haven, Connecticut, fondly referred to as "New Halen" throughout the concert. An excellent soundboard recording, a great performance by a reinvigorated band now that Sammy Hagar was on tour for the first time as their lead vocalist. A really rocking show, Eddie and Sammy playing off one another as they dominate the performance. Compare this show to the ones with David Lee Roth in 1984 and you can clearly hear the difference in style and quality. They took it up a notch and the albums they produced from 5150 on all went to number one on the charts. This is one of the best recordings from that first tour.

The final countdown
His dizzied rocket ascent
Into the black hole

The peasants listen
Princes and Princesses bow
King Edward's guitar

Next up was Echo & The Bunnymen appearing live at the Mont-de-Marsan Arena in France on August 10, 1984. A superb performance and excellent soundboard recording from a time when they were at their best. I can't stand still when their music fills my ears, dancing in darkened street on this humid summer evening.

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