Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A day spent putting finishing touches on the house siding project: touching up spots, small areas of trim, final painting (front) and polyurethaneing (back) the front door. The project is in its final stage. A roll-off has been ordered and the trash pile will soon be gone. Hallelujah!

Saturday night was spent with Van Halen performing at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angles, CA on July 24, 1988. The sound was a B quality audience recording with considerable audience noise, straining to hear what Sammy had to say on stage. This is the second night they were at the coliseum, a problem on the first night causing Sammy to pledge that they were going to perform better and longer. According to reports , the audience at one of the LA shows (the day before?) tried to rush the stage and over 200 police officers were used to control the crowd.

A very pleasant evening outside. I was a bit more relaxed knowing there were no big accomplishments scheduled for the next day. A bright first quarter moon lit the sky overhead.

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