Monday, September 7, 2009


The summer concert season continues, this week being the climax with three concerts planned. The weekend was spent masking doors/windows/gutters and then painting the new siding on the front of the house. It took longer than I anticipated due to the fact I'm burning out on the project and afternoon rain showers always seem to interrupt what I'm doing. In a couple weeks I should have the trim painted, officially ending the summer residing project. I can't wait!

Sunday night was spent with my daughter at Fiddlers Green, an open air amphitheater located in a suburb south of Denver. Four acts were scheduled this evening, the first of which I don't know the name of because they were on for only a half hour while the people streamed into the amphitheater to find their seats. The second act was Taking Back Sunday, an American rock band that originally came out of Long Island, NY. I recognized a few of their songs, but their main purpose was to warm up the audience for the two main acts to follow.

Weezer was up next, the alternative rock band out of California that began their musical career back in 1992. I really like their sound and regretted being too drunk to see their whole show last time they came around years ago. Not this time. Although tequila was available, I made sure to pace myself such that when they hit the stage in their white jump suits, I was primed and dancing in the isles! Although I had a ticketed seat, I spent most of the second half of the show in the aisle where there was ample room to groove to the music. I was loving it!

The last act of this nights concert was Blink 182, another rock/punk band out of California that also formed in 1992. I love their high energy sound, having played it numerous times on the truck stereo during my winter "party on the pass" on nights before a ski day. Their music is one sure fire way of getting pumped up. They also put on a fabulous performance, keeping me dancing for the remainder of the evening. Many enthusiastic fans in the audience. A great show headlining two of my favorite bands.

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