Sunday, November 22, 2009


Oh boy, what a week. It all happens so fast and then before you know it, things have suddenly changed. I'm getting real tired of the challenges thrown my way. I certainly welcomed Friday night, but worries persisted until at least a quarter of the way through the flask.

First up this brisk late November evening was a Van Halen's bootleg 316, "recorded live during the USA tour in 1992". This recording is also known as Van Halen - Jump! An excellent collection of their best songs assembled in a manner to resemble one show, without all of Sammy's chatter with the crowd. It definitely gets one pumped up after such a shitty day.

Swept up by its lure
In greed's cold hearted embrace
Our love of having

In a far off place
Follows the Pied Pipers song
Heart led to the edge

Faces on the screen
A last look into their eyes
Fathers, sons, brothers

All the years gone by
The boy who wouldn’t grow up
Yearns for Neverland

Download it at the Soundboard:

Echo & The Bunneymen took the stage next, performing live at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London on November 1, 2005, as played on the Me, I'm All Smiles live album, a celebration of their nearly 30 years together. Great sound that continues to send me into a misty mental state, oblivious to the cold night air. This is the same show found on the Dancing Horses DVD, a review of which states:

"The hair may be a bit flatter, and the voice has a bit more smokey character, but Ian McCulloch still exhibits supreme control over the microphone. The band start off somwhere between spacey and tribal with songs like Going Up and With A Hip, only to sedate the audience with the elegance of Bring On The Dancing Horses. On this early November night, the audience is treated to a selection of mostly Bunnymen classics. There are many highlights here, but the performances of Never Stop, The Back Of Love, and Villiers Terrace are all standouts. However, on this particular night, the vampy elongated version of Rescue may be the band’s greatest offering. The set closes with a stirring rendition of Ocean Rain."

"When I think of Echo & the Bunnymen, I think of atmosphere, inventive guitar, one of the greatest voices in rock music, and the first time I ever saw two girls make out. On their new dvd Dancing Horses, Echo and The Bunnymen present us with a solid display of their tunes proving that as of 2005 they were still relevant and a force to be reckoned with."

Can't see eye to eye
Stone walls rise around their hearts
Brothers divided

Years that have long passed
Compressed into a moment
Felt inside his head

Download it here:
Password: lagrimapsicodelica

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