Sunday, November 29, 2009


Thanksgiving yields an extra long weekend as a result of Friday being a mandated furlough day. The celebration is held here at home with the wife's Mom visiting from Wyoming and her sister coming up from Littleton. A feast of scrumptious food cooked earlier in the day, so good that it is hard to not eat until bursting.

Thursday night found me outside standing in the cold with two CDs in hand. First up was Echo & Bunnymen's Porcupine, their third studio album released on February 4, 1983. In 1984 McCulloch said, "I think Porcupine was a classic autobiographical album, the most honest thing that I'd ever written or sung." Talking about how the album made him feel, he went on to say, "I found the material from it really heavy to play – like, really oppressive. That's the only reason why I didn't like the album. The songs were great but it didn't make me happy." He also said, "A lot of songs are about coming to terms with the opposites in me."

The edition I had was released in 2003 with 7 bonus tracks.

Earlier in the day I purchased their most recent studio album, The Fountain, released here in the US earlier this month. Although the quality of this latest effort has been hotly debated amongst fans of the Bunnymen, I do enjoy the majority of songs on the CD. More upbeat and with more of a "pop" flavor to it than their earlier releases. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself hitting "repeat" on the CD player, keeping me busy until 1 Am when I went into the darkened house and dropped into bed.

Finally arrives
His reunion with the past
Here in the present

One more year gone by
Time has taken its steep toll
On our small family

Out of the darkness
Into the bright lights
Pursued by shadows

Sits there all alone
A life that God's abandoned
Ponders the verdict

Siren's voice calling
Playing with our emotions
Hearts held in his hands

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