Sunday, March 28, 2010


I had the pleasure of spending Saturday with an interesting group of people, a slice of society I would normally never have an opportunity to meet:

Arturo, who had a run in with an elderly gentleman when he went to pick up his daughter without having brought necessary payment.

Stephen, the sun glassed, motor mouth who ran a medical marijuana dispensary who "bitch slapped" a old rival who had the nerve to come out from California and intrude on his territory.

Richard, who got into trouble with a jerk over the use of a table at a laundromat, clearly a victim of the justice system when all the facts were shared.

Aspen, who in defense of her son got into a scuffle with a crazy woman who eventually fell down a flight of stairs.

Jeremy, the drunk who beat on a taxi cab driver in downtown Denver.

Goudi, who's car was hit by another while sitting in a parking lot, the incident getting out of control when the police arrive, another example of where the victim is penalized by the "justice" system.

Orlando and Louise, who bet on a drunk guy who had the nerve to throw a beer bottle at their passing truck.

Chris, who got ripped off by a moving company when they jacked up the fee by $1300 in order to get his belongings back, tensions raising and once again the police penalize the victim.

Celeste, the buxom blond who got totally wasted on tequila and Ecstasy at a rave party and then got into a fight with her girlfriend, who was screwing guys in the back alley, the incident ending with her ramming her car into her friends car 3 times.

Jung, a Korean who has a stall at a flea market that is frequently hit by shoplifters, one of whom falsely accused him of assault when confronted with the fact she had loaded up a bag with his stuff, the victim of a language barrier and a flawed justice system.

Matt, who got into an loud argument with his wife while at home, thereby attracting the police who found that he was carrying a concealed pistol without a permit.

Dora, who got into a fight at a restaurant waitress over the poor service she and her sister received.

Rick, ex-Detroit taxi driver who while minding his own business got into it a road rage incident with another driver who was clearly looking for trouble.

Will, who was drunk and got into an argument with his also drunk wife in a movie theater, triggering a 911 call.

La Cretia, high school student who messed up some other student who was bad mouthing her cousin, repeat offender who was eventually expelled from that school.

Fun stuff!

Therefore I was ready for more fun Saturday night when I pulled out a couple CDs and a cigar. First up was a soundboard recording of Billy Idol performing at the Rockpalast Music Festival in Nurnberg, Germany on June 5th, 2005. I guess the Nurnberg Hitler rallies of the late 1930's were replaced by music festivals. Billy put on a hard driving performance, even daring to play Van Halen's Jump, which I must say was not as good as when David Lee Roth does it. The show put me in a good frame of mind while I stood under the stars with the truck stereo blasting into the night.

Blue shields intervene
Fate in the hands of the flawed
Dangle by a thread

Just doing their jobs
Wheels grind the human spirit
Trapped in the system

See only despair
Lone life of rejection
A child's suffering

Download it here:
The Bunnymen followed Billy, the CD I popped into the stereo being another variation of their famed live performance at London's Royal Albert Hall on July 19, 1983. Enough said.

"Our gigs at the Royal Albert Hall were the live peaks of the Bunnymen's career. I felt like God was there conducting"
- Ian McCulloch, 1992

"A true milestone in the group's career. If there were any doubts about the Bunnymen's rise to stardom, this put them to rest."
- Goldmine, 1998

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