Sunday, April 4, 2010


Furlough Friday. I got some chores done around the house. Smoked a cigar with a buddy here in town late in the afternoon. And I partied late that night with a couple favorite bands.

First up was a radio broadcast of Vampire Weekend's November 23, 2009 show at the Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney, Australia. A great sounding recording with a set list very similar to the one they performed here in Denver a few weeks ago.

By Marcus on THEVINE:

US band Vampire Weekend have slunk into Sydney town for a quick promo jaunt, part of the global itinerary for their forthcoming second album Contra. Which as it happens, we had a listen to prior to this "secret show" for fan club members, media types and overzealous promoters (we'll get to that soon. We also had a long chat to keyboard player and producer of the new album Rostam Batmanglij prior to the show. Stay tuned for that also). It's an exciting record Contra, not least because it expands on the Vampire Weekend universe by introducing a heightened production nouse, a wider palette of sounds and some almost crazy deviations into house, '80s arena dance and new shades of melancholia, but because it displays a depth not seen on their debut. While still retaining everything that made them so attractive in the first place. Debut follow up = win.

It's an exciting time for Vampire Weekend. I never would've picked them to mature so far beyond their debut - while still in tribute to it. But they have and by the time they come back sometime in the new year, when Contra is the firm summer driving album of choice, "buzz band" will be an embarrassingly bygone tag for the service they deserve.

Read it all here:,-review-_-vampire-weekend,-sydney-2009.aspx

Two weeks and I see them live on stage in California.

The old guard grumbles
Try so hard to agitate
Fear they grow extinct

The grim news report
Faces fade on the screen
Young souls departing

Two hundred years tall
Swaying in the seasons winds
Branches brush the stars

Full of emotion
Hollering of the masses
Bumper sticker speak

Born unto the world
Joining the other billions
Lives so all alone

Download it here:

Following was disc 3 of Echo & The Bunnymen's Crystal Days, 1979-1999, a four CD retrospective of the band's work between those years. It includes some material from Ian McCulloch's solo career, but nothing from when Noel Burke led the band in the early 1990's. A great collection of music. What drew me to disc 3 was that it included a number of songs I like from Evergreen and What Are You Going To Do With Your Life. I was swooning to the music well after midnight.

Faces we don't know
Their accepted sacrifice
Dieing silently

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