Sunday, November 14, 2010


It was Veterans Day and new snow had fallen in the mountains. Time to go up and enjoy the first day of the new ski season. Good snow and fine weather carving up the slopes at Loveland.

I was still in the mood for some Public Image Limited. Pilhead has been putting up some good shows, including one from The Studio in Bristol, England, recorded live on November 8, 1983. Excellent recording of a fun show. "Really now boys and girls, don't you think the spitting is a bit old fashioned, ya know what I mean? Oh I see, mental retards!" They did a really interesting variation of Flowers of Romance, which I thoroughly enjoyed. John says afterwards "Well, sorry I fucked that one up guys and gals." The guitarists and drummer in the band are absolutely superb, especially on Flowers and Memories, dominating the sound, even over John's unique voice. Great show!

Dishonest war aims
Asked to blindly go along
Just support the troops

Vocal opponents
Patriotism in doubt
Must support the troops

One more photo op
Wreath laying ceremony
The dead don't notice

Carry out their crime
Hiding behind human shields
Please support the troops

Politicians toys
Mere chess pieces on their board
Only ones to bleed

Download it from pilhead:

Two weeks earlier Echo & The Bunnymen performed a pair of live show at the Royal Shakespear Theater in Stratford, England on October 23, 1983. The copy I had was of their matinee shows. Also an excellent recording.

Wikipedia says this about that show:

Echo & the Bunnymen were booked to headline a two-week youth festival at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon on the evening of 23 October 1983. Due to a high demand for tickets a matinee performance was added. The matinee concert at Stratford-upon-Avon saw the live debut of "The Killing Moon", "Seven Seas" and "Silver". With representatives from the band's record company and lead singer Ian McCulloch's mother in the audience, the performance was nervous and uncertain; although the evening performance, without the record company representatives and McCulloch's mother, was much improved.

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